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Crystie Honoret  R.I.P. Erik Blades 8.6.15👼🏼❣️ Real recognize real


I've gotta right my wrongs

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. We weren't always close and that was probably because when I first met you I thought you hated me but as time went by I realized that's just your face 😂 but on a serious note I'm glad to have gotten to know you better. You're smart, caring, kind and a great person to be around. You fill my life with joy. You're always there for me and for that I'm forever grateful. 💕 You deserve everything you want and I hope today goes perfect for you! (Even though it won't be perfect because you won't see me but still have a nice day😂)

would you let me see beneath your beautiful

loving can hurt

They say that a picture is worth one thousand words & im glad to hear that because it's so hard for me to explain how much love I have for you. Since day one you've always been there for me. You're my go-to friend, my sister. We've fallen off a few times and been through a lot together but at the end of the day I'm here for you and you're there for me, that's what real friendship is about. It's not about talking or seeing each other everyday. It's about being that shoulder to lean on and you've done that and plenty more. So all I can say is happy birthday and thank you, because you don't have to be a great friend to me but you always have been. ❤

something new

my girl @vivianaf16

now my madness is the only love I let myself embrace

Check out the full version in my bio!! & show love please. Thank you❤️ #tentoeschallenge #tentoesdownchallenge dedicated to @e_blades__

so desensitized to feeling these emotions

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