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Aimee Lynn Salinas ✨🙏🏻✨  RYT 500 Master Reiki Crystal Healer Angel Communicator Mother of Danes On a journey to reach my highest self ✨💖✨ #radi8love

Quick trip to Cali with the Salinas Family. It’s interesting living half way across the country from your family. Time between visits flys by. The kids get bigger... We get older... Always grateful for the memories we make together and practicing presence. #cherisheverymoment #familytime #grateful

I am happy. I am well. I am peaceful. 🥰 I love this meditation. Affirmations have been a huge part of me finding peace and clarity of mind. 😇@bhantesujatha70 Thank you for bringing the message of loving kindness to @radi8hotyoga 💓 As always, @cbc_yogini I am grateful for your noble friendship. 😘 #radi8love

Blu has learned to sleep like mommy. I’m a big fan of nesting with all the pillows. It has always been a little joke between Paul and I. It’s like a minimum of three pillows for total relaxation. I’m clearly setting a standard here... #allthepillows #yourmygirlblu #likepuppylikemommy

Congrats @sp__cecase 💓 Celebrating the bride to be. 👰🏼 Who knows you best? Me, that’s who. 💞
@beaud you are one lucky beard. #roomatesforlife #sheisgettingmarried

So this is 35. 🤩 Feelin’ all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for the bday love! 💗 My heart is full of gratitude. 🙏🏼

How old were you when you found yoga?✨ I landed on my yoga mat when I was 24. I was searching for a way to heal my body. My hips and low back had been giving me pain since I was a teenager. At this time I was traveling for work: sitting on planes, driving in my car, and lugging around heavy baggage. Someone had suggested that I tried yoga. So, I downloaded some videos onto my laptop. I started my journey on my mat in my hotel room. My body instantly responded. I was finding relief from my pain, clarity in my mind, and an overall sense of feeling good. Once I made it into a studio my mind was blown.🤯 This was my medicine. So many years later, and I’m grateful every time I step on my mat. My back and hip pain still comes and goes, but I know my way back to healing is through patience and the breathe. @gypsetgoddess 💖 U, girl! Yoga brought us together, and I’m also grateful for that. Thanks for tagging me. #alogives @aloyoga thank you for your donation to share the gift of yoga. 💗 Donating my time and knowledge has also been in my heart. Next week, I’m meeting with the Native American Connections in PHX to discuss volunteering my teaching skills. Stay tuned. #giveback #yogaforall

Dear Arizona, We 💖 you! Thanks for keeping us happy and healthy. This is by far my favorite park to walk the girls. There are so many trails that are safe for the big dogs. Easy on the joints for me and these babes. We are just a couple of delicate desert roses. 🌹

Want to hear more about my journey into crystals? Listen to this candid interview with Thomas of Innermonologue Podcast.

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Episode 166 - Purpose & Place Through Earth Connection

This week on Episode 166 of the Inner Monologue podcast is owner & operator of Desert Crystal Healing, Aimee Lynn Salinas. In addition to being a certified Crystal Healer, Aimee works with Reiki and teaches yoga. It is her passion & purpose to help people find healing within through working with the most natural approach of Mother Earth and Divine Source energy. Aimee and I talk about her upbringing and the path that lead her to Crystal Healing.

To learn more about Aimee Lynn Salinas and Desert Crystal Healing go to...
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My fascination with crystals and gemstones started when I was about this age. I remember attending the local Rock and Mineral Show and being blown away by the beauty of these treasures. I recently had the pleasure of hosting a birthday party for sweet Raya. The party was magical. She had themed it “Tea, Crystals, and Mindfulness”. It was really special to spend time with these sweet young ladies and teach them about their Astrological signs and birthstones. It brought me back to the mindset of innocence and awe. Having a childlike mind full of wonder. So, I’m in this place of seeing myself as a child and something happens that caught me off guard. One of our servers came to the table, and I knew her immediately. “Giovanna, did you used to live in Kansas City?”, I asked. She stated that she had and moved to AZ about 10 years ago. Woah, I had worked with this lovely woman at a steak house while in college. All of a sudden, I was 20 years old again. Now, seeing myself from an even different perspective. Remembering what it was like trying to make it on my own, without the help of my parents, and learning the value of a dollar. In the period of and hour, I had been taken through several flashbacks of my life. Coming up on a big birthday, I reflect with such gratitude. My life hasn’t panned out the way that I imagined it when I was 9 years old or even 20 years old, but that is what makes life so special. Our ability to adapt and change. I’m so grateful for Raya, Giovanna and the universe for showing me these lessons. May we always celebrate the journey of life.
Photo cred and Mother to the beautiful Raya and Tabi @jaimelroberts

Blue has always been my favorite color. When I saw this 🔷lapis lazuli🔷 necklace from @selflovestones, I knew we were going to do some good work together. Lapis stimulates our communication centers at the throat and third eye. Finding my voice has been an ongoing journey. Some would say, “but Aimee, you teach and public speak for a living”. Yes, but speaking to a large group can be much easier than speaking to your family, friends, or partner. ☺️ Learning when to speak up or when to listen... These are all skills that take practice and sometimes a little assistance. 💎 I’m so grateful for the healing tools of the earth. If you are interested in learning more about working with gemstones and Crystals, check out one of my upcoming workshops: 🔷
Restorative Yoga Nidra w/Crystals
Sunday 2/24, 2pm @radi8hotyoga 🔷
Working with Your Energetic Body
Tuesday 2/26, 5:30pm @radi8hotyoga 🔷
Restorative Yoga Nidra w/Crystals
Saturday 3/2, 7pm @vikaraevents 🔷
Crystals for Everyday Life
Friday 3/15, 5:30pm @fourpeaksminingco

✨Making Magic✨with @angellaasana this Sunday at 2pm @radi8hotyoga
45 min of restorative yoga infused with crystals designed to balance your energy centers. Then, 45 of yoga nidra to drift you off into a deep rest. Only $35 and you keep your set of 7 crystals (valued at $20)
Link in bio to sign up.

Belle requested room service for her Birthday. Cake in her crate. She also wanted to lick the plate. 🤣 #divadog #babybelle #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesofig #greatdanenation #greatdane

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