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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᏟᏒᎽsᏆᎪᏞ Ꮲ  Virtual coach info Hour!! ⤵️

Oww! I'm so jazzed about my team's Virtual Coach Info Hour tonight, where we are dishing out all the info about this BIZ!!! What does the day in the life of a coach look like, how much time does it take per day, Q&A sess and more!!! Trust me, you don't want to miss this info! Even if you can't be on live, click going and you can check out all the info after the fact. But, there's always better energy and inspiration when you get on live in an event like this ✨, so I encourage you to make a cup of tea, grab a kombucha or whatever drink you fancy and hop on with us live at 8:00pm PT tonight (5/19)! Link to join is in my profile just click going!

Do you remember Winsor Pilates?
Oh man that workout program used to be my jam back in the day! I remember gord buying me the workout for my birthday one year and I was so excited that it came with the band and even more workouts!!! Nowadays I prefer weights and leg day over Pilates day and I will often skip over this workout and replace it with something else. But following a program from start to finish is key to achieving the best results!
I didn't FEEL LIKE getting up at 5:25am
I didn't FEEL LIKE changing into workout clothes from my warm PJs
And I certainly didn't FEEL LIKE pressing play on Pilates fix this morning to feel the burn 🔥 during all those leg circles!! But what we don't feel like doing is EXACTLY the thing we should be doing!
Trust me, your never gonna FEEL LIKE IT! but that doesn't mean you shouldn't DO IT!
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Cauliflower Tacos in lettuce wraps for dinner tonight!
Want the recipe??? Comment below and I'll message you the recipe once it's up on the blog!!

We make 95% of our decisions based on how we feel not what we think is best for us. That is why you tend to make better decisions for others vs for your self! You must learn how to make decisions based on what is best for you not on how you feel. "I just don't feel like it" is often the reason we don't act on things we know we should.... "I just don't feel like getting out of bed", "I just don't feel like working out". Instead of going by how you feel, make your decision based on what you should do, then 5,4,3,2,1 ACT! Counting down like this as soon as the thought crossed you mind that you should workout or as soon as your alarm goes off will help you think less and act more!
Try it!

There is such a thing as EATING TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING!

You can over eat salad, good fats, fruit and lean protein. Just because it is good food doesn't mean you can have "UNLIMITED" amounts of it!

The flip side is also true... you can't under eat or your body is going to go into starvation mode and your body is going to think it isn't getting fed so it will actually hold onto fat and store it.

It's all about BALANCE! It's about having the best of both worlds.
But EVEN MYSELF 5 years ago didn't know what that TRULY meant and I really didn't even know where to start.

So here is the scoop in a nutshell right here!! LAST CALL.... I'm looking for 5 women who are ready! I mean really really ready to learn about CLEAN EATING, PORTION CONTROL and TAKING CHARGE OF THEIR EXCUSES AND TAKING ACTION ON WHAT BUILDING A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.

DOES THAT sound like something you would like to do?

I am going to teach you how to set realistic and achievable goals. I am going to teach you how to meal plan, how to grocery shop, read labels, portion control, choose healthier snacks, handle temptations, cravings, late night snacking, emotional eating, restaurant menus and more! Everything that I struggled with in my own personal journey I am going to teach you as well.

It's time to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be!

Drop your favourite Emoji 🙌🏻👌🏼🍍❤️ below and I'll message you with the details!
SPACE IS LIMITED and we start soon so don't wait to join!! Are you in?!

Yummy Sunday snack 🥒🥑 Getting my lashes done today and I'm both excited and nervous! Have you ever had them done or do you do it regularly?

Eeek love my coffee table!!!

I almost convinced myself this morning that I didn't have time to workout... but when the thought to workout popped into my head and I started to talk myself out of it I used the #5secondrule and just got dressed to workout and started! Don't think so much... just DO!!

Weekend is almost here!! And in less than a week I'm going to be in Texas surrounded by like minded women learning, growing, working out and most importantly having FUN!! 17 of us have been invited to a retreat in Dallas this year! This is the same retreat I went on last year but in a different spot!! Last years trip was truly amazing for me and this year I get to share it with one of my own coaches!
I've grown a lot in the last year and really learned how to help other moms like me earn a great income with online health and fitness coaching from their cell phones!
If you are on your own journey and love helping others you might want to consider learning more about what I do as a coach. If you want more info email me at

Had my super helper at the root cellar this morning getting lots of fresh fruit and veggies for the week!

Scones can be a lot of work and mess but these drop scones make it easy! Plus they are made with honey 🍯 and whole wheat flour 🌾
Easy Apple Cinnamon Drop Scones

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup whole rolled oats
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea sat
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup or less honey
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 apple peeled and chopped into cubes
2 tsp cinnamon mixed with 2 tsp maple sugar

Full recipe with directions on the blog (link in profile)

Just consider this... It can go either way; you could lose or Gain 11lbs over the next few months.
By the Summer you can be well on your way to your Goal, if not at your goal and feeling healthy and fit! Or you could waste these next few months and have an even bigger hill to climb by then. I would love to help you reach your goals before Summer. I know what to do, hot to do it and how to support YOU getting there. I promise we won't be counting calories or feeling hungry or deprived. You can still enjoy treats too!
Join me so you are ahead of the game by Beach season. Imagine buying a smaller pair of shorts in June! Imagine how you will feel with more energy over the summer to play with the kids!
I am starting a group which will teach portion control, how to enjoy healthy food, and provide you with the support and motivation to workout each day for 30 minutes.
How do you want to feel by the time the the summer weather is here?

Comment below with your fav Summer emoji if you want to start now and feel great for the summer ☀️👙🕶🏖 #summeriscoming #shortsandsandals

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