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crystal leigh  #ipromise30days

trying to find a dark pic to match this stupid theme & I found this & now i’m happy... this is a photo of family, this is a photo with my heart out. I’ll never forget the moments/minutes/days/weeks/months after we lost Georgia and the friends who held us up through it all 💞 I know I don’t show my emotions enough, but this picture has me in my feels. thank you to the real ones ❤️❤️❤️ your love & kindness will never go unnoticed.

💞 here+now 🖤

happy bday sweet girl 🖤💕 @ellamarciano

I’m the only one that didn’t nail this photo BUT everyone else looks amazing & sometimes it’s not all about me! 😂💞 #destinationguess

not dating but I love her

when I try to copy Michele’s rap pose but can’t stop laughing long enough to get the shot

get u a girl who brings out the best in you 💞❤️

thanks to @guess, I finally understand what “glamping” really means 😂

why do I sound like a tiny dinosaur?

and when I see you, I really see you upside down

I spent the last 30 days learning, growing, changing, & struggling. struggling to be active everyday (here & in real life) and also struggling to get to know all of you, myself, and my capabilities as a human being. I found myself in a strange mindset where the disinterest in the physical part of my promise was actually the fuel that kept me going. “how do you not care about yourself enough do ‘this’ today” is a constant ringer in my head. problem is, when I heard that question, the answer was sometimes “you don’t care, and that’s why”... I’m working on silencing that voice, the one who speaks negatively and holds me back, that’s my new promise as of today. I am going to care for myself as I care for others, and also try to care for myself & everyone else at a higher level💞 we all deserve that, and it’s really easy to try & be better #ipromise30days

everyone is equally as confused by what to do with their hands in photos, right?

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