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name a better duo
(I have kindly provided a better duo for you to name😍)—>

I saw too many kangaroo kicking & punching videos on YouTube so I was scared to get close to them at first, then one of the guides told me that they’d come up to you and be nice if you had a salad to share with them... sadly, I didn’t have a salad :(

if lost, please return here🌿💚

my little prince

What’s your holiday wish? Mine is for my mom to finally acknowledge that 11am in Georgia is only 8am in California, so I’m not technically sleeping in😴🙏🏻❤️

To be honest, I usually decline opportunities to do posts like this because most brands aren’t too keen on the idea of waiting for me to actually test their product to see if it even works and if i actually like it. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) to know that most of the products that your favs are advertising to you, they’ve never even tried. It leaves me wondering- what is the point of having ‘influence’ if you’re influencing your followers (who support and trust you) to make decisions that you don’t even truly believe in or make yourself? 🤨

Anyyywayyy, I’ve tried everything for my skin’s redness issue — prescriptions, proactive, every expensive brand, every drug store brand, coconut oil, snake oil, literally everything. So, when @bioclarity asked me to post on behalf of their skincare system, I was reluctant (as always) but thought ‘hey, guess it doesn’t hurt to try -one- more thing’. 💕🙏🏻 They sent me the products, I was expecting to try them and have to do what I usually do and say ‘sorry guys this product just doesn’t really work for me’ but thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. FINALLY! Something worked! 😃
It’s only been a month and I’ve never been happier with my skin. Turns out, all the chemicals I was putting on my face were just making it worse. All my face was craving was a little mother nature & the #powerofgreen. The chlorophyll in #Bioclarity has literally changed my skin. Oh and it’s vegan, cruelty free, and 50% off for my pals with the code CRYSTAL. 🎁❤️

attempting to look unhappy @wearehappyplace was tough, but I think we nailed it 😃

can not *wait* to go home to georgia🍑 for the holidays and spend some time with my family♥️what’s your favorite holiday tradition? ours is for sure the lights + the christmas village at callaway gardens🎄it’s the same every year and somehow it never gets old♥️

am I the only person who isn’t super into stranger things? don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show- it just doesn’t have me hooked this season. I can’t seem to get past the second episode...

missing my girls🖤

I’m literally not here

@mariahleigh is so pretty😍 inside and out, pure gold.

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