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Martin O'Hern  An entangled system is inseparably whole🔮🔑

“Eminent Phase”
Raise your vibrations with this energy amplifier ⚡️ Featuring a 12.67ct Australian Boulder Opal with incredible Blue/Green/Teal/Deep Purple flash. 3 Color change Garnets, 2 Blue Sapphires, 2 Chrome Diopside, a Rose de France Amethyst, a Vera Cruz Amethyst Point, and 3 Muzo Emeralds. All wrapped up in .925 Sterling and .999 Fine Silver.
Available Dm with interest🙏


Waves and Sunshine

“You talking cash dog, I goes all out
Shawty love the way that I floss out!”

“...And I found peace on the waiting room floor!...”

What a babe😍🤤💎🥀

Adjustable Copper rings
Red Coral / Turquoise

Fluorapatite and Apatite in pure Copper

I’m very much happy with the outcome of this one...with the third iteration of this design I tried to go as thin as possible while keeping the scrolls smooth and the structural integrity solid. 💜💎💛
Amethyst and Citrine in .925 Sterling and .999 Fine Silvers
59mm x 16mm x (10mm at the top and only 6mm thick everywhere else!!)

*Edit *SOLD** “...And I’ll call down thunder and speak the same...”
💙⚡️❤️ #585

13 Gemstones
5 Sapphires (4 Blue, 1 Purple)
7 Rubies
Rhodolite Garnet
.925 Sterling and .999 Fine Silvers ❤️Like, Share, and Comment...(~);)

Pictures, details, and pricing tomorrow..... enjoy 😉

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