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Martin O'Hern  An entangled system is inseparably whole🔮🔑

Baxāo Etched Yellow/Peach Tourmaline and Lindi Garnet in .925 Sterling

Faeries always wade in the sink💜💫

You’re welcome 💜💚
“All you have, all you hold, all you love (all four walls)”


I know that someone wants this!
Ready to make a deal today💜💙💚💛❤️❤️
>Smokey Quartz
>Color Change Garnets
>.925 Sterling Silver
>.999 Fine Silver

Smokey Quartz and Sapphires in Silvers

5️⃣0️⃣ takes these lovely earrings with Ruby, Citrine, and Australian Opal ♥️ ‘s. Wrapped in .925 Sterling Silver


“Sorry if you don’t”

Nigerian Emerald
African Amethyst
.925 Sterling Silver

Do you have anyone you would like to show your appreciation for? How about some much needed self love?

Had to catch some of the rays bouncing off this beauty. Available!

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