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  Professor Cushing's Crypt of the Macabre - a monthly podcast about British horror films from the 1960's and 70's. Latest episode linked below!

Hello folks - it's been a while. Our lives have been too busy, plus I've been taking a very nice break from social media. So anyway - we're recording our very last podcast next week! (You'll have to listen to the episode to find out why we're pulling the plug) We'll be reviewing Hammer's "Phantom Of The Opera" and Amicus's "I, Monster" - and then talking about our favorite moments from the podcast. So if ANY of you out there are listeners, please share your favorite moment(s) and we'll read them on the episode. After we record next week, I'll do a final post here to make it all official, and shout out some cool friends then. Thanks! #cryptofthemacabre #hammerhorror #britishhorror #amicus #phantomoftheopera #imonster #herbertlom #thorleywalters #christopherlee #petercushing

Wow. Terrible! And not in a fun "Chopping Mall" way, either. #finalexam #horror #horrormovies

Good stuff! We enjoyed it. #aquietplace

Another recent (re)watch - Mario Bava's "Black Sunday"/aka The Mask Of Satan, with the amazing Barbara Steele. One of the best. #blacksunday #themaskofsatan #mariobava #barbarasteele #gothichorror #italiangothic #italianhorror

So I probably should post some Jason for Friday the 13th, but then I saw this. No shit, Sherlock - Thursday the 12th precedes Friday the 13th?!?!?! Next thing you know he's going to tell us Wednesday the 11th comes before that... Use that big brain to cure cancer or stop global warming, not just say dumb shit like this and point out science mistakes in FICTIONAL movies, you fucking nerd.

Hey gang, sorry I haven't posted in a while - been very busy. Anyhow, I watched Vampyres last week, and it was awesome. It's only the third Jose Larraz movie I've seen, but they've all been great! I definitely need to see more of his films. #vampyres #joselarraz #britishhorror #horrorfilms #horror

Tonight's fun. Been a few years since I've watched this. I have fond memories of it - it came out shortly after we started the podcast, and Jim and I saw it in the theater. We applauded when the "Hammer" graphic came up at the beginning 🙏 #thewomaninblack #danielradcliffe #hammerhorror #britishhorror #horror #horrormovies #ciaranhinds

Watched this last night. Not really a horror film per se, but it was horrifying to me. #greenroom #patrickstewart #antonyelchin #nazipunksfuckoff

Finishing this tonight - so far so good!!! #veronica #spanishhorror #horrormovies

After seeing Dog Soldiers (and then The Descent), I was a huge Neil Marshall fan. In 2008 I eagerly went to the theater on opening night for Doomsday, telling my wife and pal @whipchop (I think - right?) how awesome it was going to be. It was one of the biggest cinematic disappointments of my life, just truly terrible. After hearing a recent interview with him in which he described it as his love letter to 80's movies, I thought I'd give it another shot, with this new context. 10 years later - it's still F'ing TERRIBLE, but I was at least able to have some fun with it this time. #doomsday #neilmarshall #rhonamitra

This upcoming weekend, leave your worries behind, grab some popcorn and please go see The Hurricane Heist. It was written by our old pal Jeff Dixon, who has been slugging it out in Hollywood for years. He's a damn good man, and we couldn't be more excited for him. Go see it! #thehurricaneheist

This was awesome. Thanks to my pal @thejeffdixon for the suggestion. #1922 #stephenking #netflix #thomasjane #mollyparker

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