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Cryohealthcare β€’ Minus 240F!  ❄️ Fitness Performance ❄️ Health & Beauty Benefits ❄ Pain Treatment ❄️ Weight Loss πŸ“LA & Woodland Hills ‼️ SOON: NYC & Marina del Rey

#Celluma uses light energy to improve cellular #health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells. While similar devices on the market claim to do the same, they often require you to buy multiple panels and accessories in order to treat specifc conditions or accommodate different parts of the body. Alternatively, Celluma offers a convenient solution in a versatile, all-in-one system. Come try and treat your wrinkles, acne, Aches & pains! #skincare #fightwrinkles #fightacne

Cryo Fashion Style is trending 😜 Before a Whole Body Cryo treatment, clients are required to dress in protective clothing composed of cotton socks, cotton underwear (for men), and gloves. If you are using the walk-in chamber, you will also be provided with a cotton band to cover your ears and a disposable mask to cover your mouth 😷 Pic: @kristertwister

Not fully awake yet? Come by and we'll make sure you are πŸ˜†β„πŸ˜‰β„οΈ #minus240 PIC: @whitneyjohns

Cryotherapy increases muscular resistance to fatigue and also enable the muscles capacity to regenerate. This results in an overall increase in muscular performance πŸ’ͺ🏽 #fitlife #musclerecovery #highperformance #fitness Pic @eddiejackson5

Happy Sunday! The @ArthritisFoundation Walk to Cure #Arthritis was today and we had a great time raising funds to find a cure! Watch our Ig videos.

@jlgtwo loving our BOA Compression Therapy (he calls it a more advanced version of the Nornatec). A medical compression sleeve from Poland combining Normatec principles, but with a more variable and subtle compression/release/massage pulsations that aid lymphatic drainage. A more intense and pin pointed experience!

Cryo treatment sessions improve blood circulation & increase muscle tone, resulting in passive weight loss. Regular use of Whole Body Cryotherapy cold sauna for weight loss will elevate and maintain a higher basal metabolic rate. We offer monthly packages to help you freeze on a daily basis for increased results. Check out our website (link in bio) for pricing, packages and treatments! β˜ƒ #weightloss #weightmanagement

Did you know the toxins stored in the layers of the skin are broken down and flushed away with our Cryofacial? The intense cold activates #collagen production in the deeper layers of the #skin, leaving your it firm and tight. After several treatments, clients have noticed the skin becoming smoother and more even toned with regained #elasticity and improved overall β€œ#youthful” feeling. #skincare #beautifulskin #youthfulskin

Our #Cryochamber has a built-in sound system so you can enjoy your favorite music while freezing πŸ‘― No external music accessories are allowed in the chamber, as our REAL LOW cold temperatures of -240F would break them πŸ˜‰ #minus240 #danceParty #cryo #cryotherapy #cryostrong #minus240 #cryosauna #cryofacial #facial #beauty #health #fitness #beautyTreatment #highperformance #metabolismBoost #coldtherapy #antiaging #healthcare #la #losangeles #weho #westhollywood #woodlandhills

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you beautiful moms! And to our stunning freezing queen & mom of two @emilia_kuehne β„πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦β„ CELEBRATE WITH US: now through Tuesday, bring your mom and freeze her for free! ❄ #bestMomEver #happyMothersDay #SuperWoman #freezingqueen

Mother's Day is tomorrow, Sunday, and we want you to celebrate with us: Starting today, Saturday, through Tuesday, May 16th, bring your mom to Cryo to freeze for free ❄ #mothersday #giftformom

We also offer @celluma_led_therapy treatment to treat #wrinkles, aches & pains; diminished local blood circulation as well as redness, pimples, and arthritis. For athletes, we recommend this treatment to help muscle and join pain, stiffiness, spasms, and muscle tissue tension. #musclerecovery #antiaging #fightwrinkles #fightacne #treatacne #improvecirculation #reduceredness

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