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Call Me Cry  •Cry the ghost kitsune 🦊 •18 • I’m very slow on responding to dms sorry ! •commissions and art trades:❌ •pfp:

My drawing tablet grew legs and ran away so I’m stuck with traditional for a bit longer !

@senpaibunsart is lovely and amazing cutie <3 a real life animoo girl and best waifu (and artz too tho )

I got to draw for one day , so what did I do ? Draw till 2 am is what I did I’m tired and can’t english he c c

Big home stuck oof
I can’t believe I’m friends with a cesspool of ambiguous ships

Demon Queen Cry!
She rules all her demon subordinates under her tiny feet and with her freakish strength she crushes her opponents with “Darlingchain”, her morning star weapon.
Whilst mostly sweet and loving she can fall into a dangerous “frenzy state” at will where she becomes scarily strong and feral and Fox-like
Other than that, she likes to bug radd and cuddle with buns and tell momo how cute she is :>
#gachaleague 2/2
#gachalife #ifinallyfinishedthisheccyessss

Hello small notice that I will start being more inactive as we approach April/ May cuz of some really important exams and I really wanna do well in em ! Important posts like commissions etc will b posted tho . Regarding messages, I won’t be very active to answer much “ fanmail” or even messages from friends so don’t freak if I go a AFK ! Wish me luck in struggling with these A - level exams :,) 💓

I rigged her and now she looks like an animal crossing character yipeee ! #blender3d #3dmodeling #animalcrossing

I used snenpai buns for chiib modelling practice ^^ ( @senpaibunsart )
I finally touched Blender again and I’m practicing my chiibs . I self taught myself so the mesh is a mess and I m too scared to rig them haha (also I only know how to make low poly blends :^)). You can probs expect more static turntables is what I’m trying to say lol #blender3d #3Dmodelling

Kenny ! U got the perfect score ! The perfect ratio ! You should rename your thighs to the Gaza Strip! #kenashcorp

Gacha league Cry 1/2 #gachaleague#gachalife

my last four brain cells working together -
Thanks to whoever came to watch the stream :D

Chibi for @h.hyou !

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