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Flowers Of Flesh And Blood  ugly, cute and dying Seen. Not heard. ⛓🖤🌹🖤⛓


Thanks for liking my face guys really means a lot

Thanks for still loving me when my face is covered in blood 🖤🌹 (admittedly it’s a better look than usual)

“Nothing ever changes, man. Fifty years from now we're all gonna be dead. And there will be another group of people standing here drinking beer, eating pizza, bitching about the price of Oreos and they'll have no idea we were ever here and fifty years after, those suckers will be dust and bones and there'll be all these generations of suckers. All trying to figure out what the fuck they're doing on this fucking planet and it'll all be full of shit. It's all so fucking futile.”

I have been a big stupid sook lately so @charlie.b.613 gave me my Christmas present early (almost a week ago) and I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed with a gaming thing in FOREVER, like, it’s hardly left my hands. I haven’t had anyone give me something like this for so long and I’m obsessed. If he ain’t just the best human alive I dunno who is 💘

I don’t know who my friends are anymore ain’t that fun 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hello and goodbye for a while. I’ve really had an eye opener tonight and realised that I’m not okay. Tonight took a lot out of me. It took all I had to not do something that I know I would’ve regretted. Everything is just really hard right now and I need to focus on myself and the ones I love because lately all I’ve done is make both of those parties hate me. I’m human and I fuck up but that’s no excuse for my actions. In saying this I’m cutting drinking out of my life. It’s ruined my family and it’s starting to ruin my relationship with those most important to me too. I hate that. I’m sorry to anyone I’ve let down or hurt with my selfish actions. I was dealing with my self hate in a bad way but that’s going to change now. I have everything I could ever want and although it’s not perfect I don’t want anything else so I’m going to try my hardest to make things better. Again I’m sorry. And again… I’m trying.

We hate everyone 💔

I feel s!ck :(

Smiling bc I’m thinking about how wonderful my small handful of friends are 🤗


I love you guys more than life 💘

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