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I Like Sleeping🍼💧😉  💕✨💖🍓🍼


When Mel hasn’t posted any new content so you just post a pic from 2 yrs ago :,)


Should I start doing video edits again??💕

Waiting for Mel to post new pics :,)

Hi! Ik I haven’t been on here in a while and I always have an excuse for not being active. I wanted to post this because I feel like I should treat you guys as my friends. I’ve talked about this before, but never really actually said it. Most of my friends know this and I’m really lucky to have them to support me. So... this is me coming out. I like girls. I hope that this inspires any of you who like the same gender or both genders to just tell people. Love is love and you shouldn’t hide who you are.
I hope that this made some of you guys feel closer to me because I never usually say things like this to anyone.
#LGBTQ #loveislove #comingout

What do you think Melanie’s actual house looks like?😂


I’m so excited for all her new music to come out💖🌙🎀


Found this on google earth, any idea what it could be?

Happy 2nd Birthday Cry Baby💕
Best album yet and it's 2 years old🔥

Happy birthday to me💕(Just before Crybaby'a birthday😂)

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