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~*Angel*Tears*~  *spoiled brat & professional baby doll 🥀💒🕊********”u think im in love, that im sent from above, but im not that innocent”*****************************

Pool party on Monday?<3🌴💗

Victoria Secrets Angel;) hehe i loved my halloween costume last night, walking around the party w/ my ass out all night was 2 much fun💭🕊


Low quality motel room pictures<3

💋”U CAN’T RESIST US MR. POWERS”💕..hehe i was finally able 2 go check out the @dollskill LA shop xox<3 their Halloween costumes are all so flipping cute💘i could b a fembot everyday!!💋💗💋


💝today is me &my sugar daddy’s one year anniversary💝we celebrated today by going shopping at @tiffanyandco and getting vegan donuts hehe💕but the real celebration was last weekend at the @chateaumarmont 💘daddy booked us a penthouse suite & honestly the whole thing was so dreamy💭🌸this is kind of my first” one year anniversary” ever and I think it’s pretty cute that it’s with a sugar daddy!!hehe💖🍬

My new necklace from @louboutinbeaute reminds me of the necklace the sea witch wears in The Little Mermaid. It totally gives off “I just stole your voice & now I’m going to steal your man” vibes if u ask me...💭🐚

The one year anniversary presents my sugar daddy got me🖤💋 @louboutinworld he is the best at spoiling.. *I sent him two shoes to pick from& he said “how about both?”*(&&he said there’s more gifts on the way!!)hehehe✨💌 @louboutinbeaute

Remember when @lindsaylohan was banned from the Chateau Marmont for a 46k$ unpaid hotel bill?🖤💸🖤

Swimming pool glimmering darlin’


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