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Busy day planning, making and learning. We made four batches of soap, with one "learning experience" and these three. All are made with dandelion infused coconut oil. Bottom: exfoliating soap with coffee and chamomile tea. Middle: chamomile tea, eucalyptus and grapefruit essential oils. Top: green tea, cypress and rosewood essential oils. We are excited to see how these look after we cut them in a couple of days.

Love long weekends πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ”₯❀️#staycation #glamping #backyardgarden

I'm not sure why I have been so afraid of cables all these years. Piece of cake. Now for some tea and a nap.

A #purpletuesday post with a happy little pollinator to cheer me up as I lie shivering and aching on my couch.

My celery grown from kitchen scraps is doing well. I started them in late winter on my kitchen window, and now they are waiting for warmer weather to be transplanted outside. πŸ’šπŸŒ±

Look at this Mother's Day swag! A "fairy" purchased some of it, and some I picked up today on a LYS shopping trip. πŸ’–

I love these two-tone bowls. πŸ’™ These may be my favourite.

I had exactly 10 minutes of peace and calm in my garden this morning before I could hear my kids waking up, fighting over who was in charge of making me breakfast. Then I spent the next hour soothing the feelings of my most sensitive child. This book on my lap has provided wisdom and answers with each chapter, just when I need them. The chapter I was reading when I heard doors slam and had to rescue the peace was about listening to plants and communicating indirectly (because we don't speak the same language as plants) to understand what they need. I needed to listen to my girl and what she was really saying behind the anger and the scowls. I had to approach her gently and share stories, rather than lecture and get lost in my own emotions of disappointment and anger. At first I was frustrated that my Mother's Day morning peace had been disturbed, but by the time the clouds rolled in and my tea was cold I was grateful for the connecting time I had with my girl, to listen and truly understand what she has been trying to say, just as the author of this book had to learn the language of the plants. I can now say this has been a perfect Mother's Day morning, listening to one of my children in my garden, and through this learning a little more about this mothering journey. Happy Mother's Day to all the people in this world who nurture and raise other living beings, be they animal or plant.

This little harvest was turned into the most delicious homemade soup with oyster sauce, egg noodles, garlic, onions, arugula, Asian greens, radishes #whatsforlunch

I absolutely love the rustic look of these crochet twine bowls, but my hands sure don't love them. The rough material is very hard to work with and my joints are paying the price.😬

Experimenting with crochet baskets. This one is made with rope and was quite frustrating with the rope rolling in or out. You can't tell in this photo (gotta love good angles) but it is very lumpy, but I'm excited to try again!

Strawberry rhubarb scones ready for breakfast tomorrow. #backyardbounty

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