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Devin Somerville

I’ll be in Denver this weekend lurkin at the seshes like my frogfish Lumpy here. I’m going to be demoing some @tochitorch At @thecoffeejointco on Friday in the afternoon and @shoppurplehaze for the @olio710 and @elboglass party on Saturday evening! Come see me or hit me up and let’s party! #capncrunk #tochitorch #chippingawayatit

Marabou 2018
Rekleiner Photos by @iamjeffdimarco #soldaf #chippingawayatit

Bob over @refine.d and @peacepipesmoke has been a supporter of my work for nearly 20 years! He’s got a batch of @tochitorch ready to go, scoop you one and never buy butane again! #tochitorch #chippingawayatit

This assortment of #crunk is on its way to @hickorysmokeshop #chippingawayatit

Hooter cleaning station for the upcoming show @torchedillusions #chippingawayatit

Been stocking up some Roadies and Daily Drivers for the upcoming 4/20 holiday! Shops hit me up if you are in need. #capncrunk #chippingawayatit

Boom bap goes the bubbler. This may be my first push bub in a decade. 3 hole bowl upgrade. Sharp rip. #chippingawayatit #soldaf

Clay. 2018

Just thought I’d share some facts about @tochitorch . I’ll try to answer all questions. Disrespectful bs and trolling haters get blocked. #teamtochi #tochitorch #chippingawayatit

Here are a few shot of Prescott by @iamjeffdimarco #chippingawayatit

Prescott. 2018
Photos by @iamjeffdimarco #chippingawayatit

Constance. 2018. I tend to name my pieces like I make them. With little resistance. I like to let them create themselves. The chips lately have been bringing up a lot of vibes and names of my grandparents era. Depression era. Quilters. A lot of tough and classy people in those days. Epitome of a dying breed. #chippingawayatit
Photos by @iamjeffdimarco

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