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˗ˏˋ arabella ˊˎ˗  ﹍ 🐳✧̥͘ no f4f, s4s, hate, self-promo, etc. ✧̥͘💎 I accept reviews, DM me! ﹍ ✧̥͘🛋 pfp by theslimeypastel 🦋✧̥͘ buy bath and body products below! ﹍

review for @dr.j.slime!! the slime was amazing and had very cute packaging! smell was a little strong but it was nice so it was okay. super soft and spreadable! go check them out!!!!!
write "slime" and press the Middle suggestive box until you get a sentence!
hey guys! Arabella is out of town and doesn't have much wifi so I'm posting her pre-filmed videos :) Arabella also hand typed the captions so I just copied and pasted 👌 anyways good bye :) I'll post 1 post per day - 💕 @slimeyfrap

at a gas station rn only 3-4 hours to go whooo


your sixth recent emoji is your reaction when I quit

wow! i love this phone case from @my_kawaiination . It MEOWS!! sooo cute😍 tag someone who'd love this! 🐱😻

slime from the sweetest @new_slime_daily she sent me a birthday package😭😍💕💕 sorry it took so long to post!
you guys should def go buy from her

my brothers side slime! @yomamaslimes

comment gold with your eyes closed

sugar plum🍬
scented like berries🤤

what time is it where you live?

here's a scary bird that was supposed to be cute to haunt you in your dreams

posting twice right now bc I'm going swimming later

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