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First smoothie I have had in months and it made me so happy to drink it 😂☀️

still waiting to get an appointment with a specialist and hopefully stop being sick, this last month especially has been hard to stay in routine.

While I'm waiting to hear from doctors, id love any advice you have about things I can do to help with any of the following:
- reducing the size of my tonsils
- breathing easier
- decongesting my throat/nose/ears
- getting energy
- stimulating appetite
- sleeping better

I've tried a lot of things but nothing has seemed to help so far.
love, Britt xo

pumpkin & sage pasta 😛

my absence.
I’ve barely been online and interacting let alone posting recipes. I’ve lost hundreds of followers because of this but it’s okay. I’m here to tell you where I’ve been.
The truth is, I’m not living a healthy life at the moment and I’m sorry but I can’t encourage others to do so if it’s not the truth that I’m living. Some of you may know but from August-October I was basically on antibiotics on and off every few weeks to get rid of my tonsillitis and in the end, it wasn’t very effective. The antibiotics screwed up all my digestion and even now, a few months later I am still experiencing digestive issues. Now, my tonsils are so large that when my body is in a relaxed state, I can’t actually breathe through my mouth and I choke in my own tonsils, causing myself to awake from sleep. I’ve always been someone who snores in my sleep but now I actually can’t breathe. Because of this I’m fatigued all the time, barely exercising because I simply don’t have the energy. I have no appetite at the moment and I’m struggling to eat more than a meal a day. I wake up most mornings and throw up straight away because my mouth is so dry from being open while I’m sleeping, trying to gasp for a breath.

Hopefully my tonsils will be removed soon but in the mean time I am trying to get back to normal. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting but thank you for sticking around anyway 💖

My cake from yesterday 🙊 allllll vegan thanks to @cherrydarlingsbakehouse 💖

Vegan Dark Chocolate Crackles 💖 Recipe up now! Link in bio! ✨🎄🍫

Recipe for these Festive Shortbread Cookies went up on the blog just now! Link in bio! 💖🎅🏼

new recipe: lemon & garlic spaghetti 🍝 🍋✨ Link in bio

a little while ago I partnered up with @thehungerprojectau for the #unleashedwomen campaign and my twenty first birthday is next Friday and to celebrate I would love it if you could donate any money you can or if you’re feeling festive for my 21st you can donate $21 😉 to this charity that is super important to me xx
The link is in my bio!! please let me know if you donate because this truly is dear to my heart x

Literally even a donation of $1 will do a lot more than you think.

h o m e.
I have lived in a lot more houses than the majority of people and have spent most of my life moving every two or so years. I think this is both a blessing and a curse, but definitely more of a blessing. It’s made me adaptable, resilient and also kept me grounded in my sense of adventure. I love finding new places and learning new areas. ✨

So what is a home?
When I was younger, I thought a home was a house that people lived in forever. As I got a little bit older, I thought a home is a house that your family lived in and as I got slightly older and lived in a house where my family wasn’t working well together, I realised that wasn’t a home. Eventually, my Mum and dad separated and my mum found a house for the four of us (Mum, me, my sister and my cousin) to move in to and it started to feel more like a home, because we were happy and we were healthy and we were secure.

As I got older and fell in love with a boy, I found home inside of him. But when he left I realised it was stupid to make somebody else your home because eventually, no matter what, the only person we can ever truly count on to be around forever - is ourselves.

So then I learned that my home is me and that it doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, I will always be at home if I am happy and content with myself.

I am home. 💖✨🏡

swirly smoothie bowl, 🙌🏻🤤 if you want to find out what’s in it and how I get the swirls, check my Instagram story! 💫✨

strawberry smoothie bowl swirls 💖🍓

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