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FOOD✖️MUSIC✖️FITNESS by bebe  ✖️@crubox ✖️@crucycle ✖️co-founder & pack leader ✖️lululemon ambassador 📩 to book a boxing private 🥊

In the midst of all the hustle, what's important are moments like these where my mind is in the present and nothing else matters ✨

The most unique coffee shop! GiorgiPorgi in Downtown Los Angeles has no signboard, no menu, no set opening hours. Music floats through a small room, its walls covered in bright green moss. Amazing custom stoneware coffee drips adorn the bar and your personalized drinks are topped with chocolate Pocky sticks! Definitely a must try... If you can find it 👻


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change 🍀

A healthier rendition of a childhood favorite: RICE KRISPIES! 4 ingredients: maple syrup, brown rice crisps, dark chocolate and crunchy peanut butter! 🍫 Yum!

Living in the present brings a state of pure happiness. What we do today is what matters most 👊🏼

Having fun on the court! A reminder not to take life so seriously because we are all children at heart 🤡

Beetroot and charcoal lattes in Bali... I love all the interesting combinations you can find nowadays!

Like if Wii tennis ever gave you tennis elbow 🎾 #ballsohard

🎾 FUN FACT 〰️ I grew up playing tennis with my dad, spending the summers at tennis camps and eventually landing in my high school Varsity team. Though I have to admit, I never took the competitions seriously. I’ve always preferred a friendly rally. Instead of a quick win, I’m currently vying for consistency and quality not just in the court, but in all other areas of my life. What are your goals and how are you going to smash them? 👊

Good morning! You have 2 choices: ➕POSITIVE➕ OR➖NEGATIVE➖ You are in charge of your happiness. Control your thoughts or they will control you 👊🏼

Its not about perfect, its about effort. And when you bring that effort, pair it with consistency and stretch your beliefs every single day, success happens. What does success mean to you? 🚁 co-pilot: @luminhero

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