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> doesn't post a selfie in months. > chooses this one. (because Hanson.)

"Nothing to see here.."

What a group. 😍 #girlgang #gangbang

I started my new job 2 months ago and on my return from holidays I found out I got the contract I applied for in the department I wanted and I don't think I've ever been happier in my work life. πŸŽ€ (Even if it means the train is my mode of transport to and from everyday.) 🏩

Machu Picchu | Cuzco | Peru. πŸ” Trekking the 42kms over 4 days, up and down mountains to the Machu Picchu site was the most challenging thing I've ever (and will ever) experience (physically and mentally.) day 1 I considered quitting, day 2 I expected to faint (die) and fall back down the 6 hour climb (straight up to 4,500m above sea level,) day 3 I had a panic attack 5 minutes in and needed to be medicated, but by day 4 I looked back at every single thing I accomplished just by being there and felt pretty damn proud. I had immense support from people I'd only just met and I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. It was nothing short of an experience and I can fully appreciate why this venture is on so many bucket lists. What. A. Fucking. Time.

Uros Floating Islands | Lake Titicaca | Puno. 🏝 Everything on the Islands are made from the reeds (pictured,) including the houses, boats and the Islands themselves. Lake Titicaca is also the highest inhabitable lake in the world. πŸ€“

1am and I'm back in Brisbane. My phone was stolen over 2 weeks ago so prepare for the small onslaught of South America photos. πŸ†πŸΎ Amazon Jungle | Peru | South America

Miraflores/Barranco | Lima | Peru. ⛡️ "Pretend you're walking!" #thebeatles Walked from Miraflores to Barranco to see the super amazing Street Art that line the suburbs.

Miraflores | Lima | Peru. 🌀 found a super westernised shopping mall with restaurants lining the cliff face which overlooks the beach. The sunset was incredible, we watched it from our table while the gals sipped Sangrias (Coke Zero πŸ™‹πŸ»)

Last night in Australia for 4-6 weeks bringing (relatively) calming vibes. πŸŒ™ tomorrow's departure day!

The OG Peaches. πŸ‘

Today I've been sober for 5 years. That's 60 months, 261 weeks and 1,826 days that I've been crazy without having intoxications to blame for my actions. 🍸 #whoops

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