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Crystal Joy  💍Andrew R. Mom life w/ Xzylie Jae 👩‍👧💕 #ResilientXzylie🎗💛 BA: @cocoknotshawaii | Use code XZYLIE


Counts are still down & her coughing is getting pretty bad😷 However, I’m thankful that her body is “trying” to fight the virus this time around. So far NO FEVER, so praying it stays this way🙏🏼 I swear, every time this girl gets sick she usually ends up in the hospital!! But trust, we’ve been through worst so I ain’t complaining😅 I just hope we really get to be home for Thanksgiving 💛🍁 #ResilientXzylie #PrayforXzylieJae #TeamXzy #ReXZYlient #XzyJaeRoadtoRecovery

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them” 💪🏻 | Strong babies fighting cancer = Strong Mommy’s 💛🎗 #FaithCourageHope #Countyourblessings #FightChildhoodCancer

Welcome to the world Logan 💙💙💙 Congratulations again to @aubrey_christiane & @_l0uie !!!

‘Cause we FINALLY got to go on a date lastnight. Just us two🤗 We watched “Daddy’s Home 2” & you must see it!!! I laughed so much. Lol! & Shout out to my parents for babysitting when they can 🙌🏻

Progress update: Xzylie was praised by her Physical & Speech therapists for bouncing back quick from being super sick a few weeks ago. She didn’t want to do anything at the time & now she is doing lots of things that she should be doing for her age group👏🏼 They were so AMAZED with her!!! She also had another meeting today at her school and she will be starting Preschool next month as soon as she turns 3!!! Xzy was eligible for Special Education & I couldn’t be anymore happier for her. Some of you think that Special Ed is for different kids. And you’re right...she definitely is “different” & for sure “Special”. That’s what makes her the Warrior she is. The teachers & staff are already so excited to teach her and see her do great things. All the steps in making sure she continues to progress and grow. So proud to call you MINE! You amaze us everyday boo 💖 #ResilientXzylie #XzyJaeRoadtoRecovery

Haven’t done a fam pic in awhile. Someone saw us & asked if we wanted a pic together. Lol sure👨‍👩‍👧 I’m always hashed cause Xzy always bothers me when I try to do my makeup but atleast our outfits are nice 🙃😅 #OOTD #FamilyForever #blessed

The pic on the left was taken exactly 1 year ago, November 1 2016, and the pic on the right was taken today. I still can’t believe that we couldn’t even hold you or hug you back then. I think that was the part that killed me. Not being able to lay next to you and cuddle you for months!! During this time, I was already preparing myself for the worst cause everyone didn’t think you’d make it, doctors included. And here you are today, running around and showing everyone your crazy personality. You have no idea how much you’ve taught me as a mom. God knew just how much I needed you when he gave you a second chance at life❤️Continue to keep showing everyone how much of a “Warrior” you are and keep shining on✨. You are my hero, babygirl 💪🏻💛🎗#ResilientXzylie #xzyjaeroadtorecovery #PrayforXzylieJae #TeamXzy #ReXZYlient #BLESSED #WallofHOPE #KapiolaniKids #MonthofThankfulness

First time for Xzylie to pick out her own costume🤗 Such a BIG GIRL now!!! Of course she picked her fave, PEPPA PIG🐷 & we wanted to make her happy so we tried to be Mommy & Daddy pig too😂😅 HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone 🎃 🍬🍭 #Halloween2017

Xzy’s 3rd costume, Snow White 🍎! This right here was “supposed” to be her costume last year but she was in a medically induced coma. What a coincidence right? Snow White was also sleeping, and today Xzy wore this and had a spinal tap. So they sedated her and her doc said he was honored giving Xzy (Snow White) the poison apple lol 😅 kinda funny, kinda not, considering last year was a super emotional time for us. But to see Xzylie excited dressing up in her princess dresses make me so happy 💖👸🏻And YES, that’s a chicken nugget in her hand again 🤦🏻‍♀️ #ResilientXzylie #RoadToRecovery #McdonaldsSponsorHer #20pcnuggetsALLdayEVERYday #Halloween2017

Halloween Party for the kiddies 🎃 Xzy was Anna from Frozen and I was Luna from SailorMoon (well, my version 😂). & yes, this is Xzy’s 2nd costume cause she got some for free from Kapiolani and from HUGS! lol #Halloween2017 #MakingMemories

At today’s Halloween event at @kapiolanimedctr ! Trying to get Xzy involved in a lot of Holiday activities since she wasn’t able to do any of this last year. Times like this I am reminded of how super BLESSED we are that she is alive (currently kinda-ish healthy🤷🏻‍♀️) and is able to enjoy and have fun 🤗 Just making more HAPPY memories for her to look back at!!! Also stopped by to see her pic on the “Wall of Hope.” 💛🎗 #ResilientXzylie #StayBlessed #CountYourBlessings #Halloween2017 #Costume1

Ohh you know. Just taking pics at my docs office cause of the cute “Peanuts” background! And, FINALLY brought Xzy to see a Pulmonologist 🙌🏻🙏🏼💛 #ResilientXzylie #XzyjaeRoadtoRecovery #CountYourBlessings

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