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eelco roos  Dutch Photographer Contact: Tweets: @eelcoroos P20 Challenge👇🏼

Time for the first challenge; the theme is “Renaissance”. Make a photo that has a Renaissance feel to it for you, i went for a classic look with a modern twist. Your photo will be rated by the AI that is also in the P20 Pro’s camera, if you want to see how the AI rated my photo, just swipe on the photo to see the score.

Do you think you can match my score, or maybe get a higher score? Use the link in my bio to submit your photo and see how you did.
The AI will rate all of your photos, and I will pick the first winner of the Huawei P20 Pro. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and i will try to help you out. #sparkarenaissance

Do you remember me testing the low light capabilities of Huawei’s P20 Pro?
Now I have five P20 Pro phones to give away. And together we might even go for a trip to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence.
Interested? Have a look at the competition video at: @huaweimobilenl
Starting on July 12 I will share five photo challenges for the #SparkaRenaissance competition.
You can submit your best photos using a link I will have in my bio.

Competition entries, as well as my own example images for each theme, will be evaluated and rated by the same AI that powers the P20 Pro camera, and I’ll select a winning image each week from the top AI-rates submissions, the winner will get a new #HuaweiP20Pro.

And if you submit extraordinary photos to the challenge we may win a unique trip to experience explore Florence, stay tuned for more details. #ad

Found so many small villages scattered around Corse.

Taken on the same drive, just sat here and took it all in for a few minutes.
@visitcorsica #visitcorsica #francefr

So far the drive to Ajaccio is indeed pretty spectacular. Do bring enough water - snacks, you won’t see any shops/gas stations for a few hours. @visitcorsica #visitcorsica #francefr

Not a bad view from my hotel in Belgodère, right? Had another great day, spent most of it driving along the coast, will never grow tired of the view of the ocean. Tried swimming for the first time since I broke my shoulder, it went well. Tomorrow I will visit Calvi and start a long drive back down to Ajaccio, which is supposed to be beautiful. Watch this space. @visitcorsica #visitcorsica

It’s incredible how many ‘hidden’ beaches you come across when you drive along the coast, just a few people there enjoying the serenity and beautiful views. #visitcorsica @visitcorsica

From Bastia I drove up North to explore some more and ended up in Canari. Great views of the mountains and ocean. The D80 and D180 routes are spectacular, so if you ever find yourself on this island, do take these drives down the coast. #visitcorsica @visitcorsica

Next stop was one of the 2 main cities on Corsica; Bastia - which is divided in two parts: Terra Vecchia and Terra Nuova. Love the colorful and very old structures. @visitcorsica #visitcorsica

The charming, medieval city of Corte. It isn’t that big but I walked around the city for a good portion of the day. Do you know the feeling of stepping back in time? Corte will do that with you. @visitcorsica #visitcorsica

Spending a few days on the beautiful island of Corse / Corsica. This time I started in Ajaccio and will travel up North and back again. Excited to explore this island again! One of the things I love is the unexpected changes in weather, as you can see on these photos, especially up in the mountains, it can change within hours. #visitcorsica @visitcorsica #francefr

Today is; “World Day Against Child Labour”, realizing this made me want to raise the issue again and share some more portraits I made during my visit to Uganda in 2016.
All these kids photographed, work in extremely dangerous conditions in the goldmines of Uganda.
Today still 152 MILLION children are forced to work for a living.
This and all child labour has to stop. If you agree and want to make an effort to do so, please follow the link in my bio. #stopchildlabour

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