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MAJOR MAJOR THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY LOVE... and for the love in general! I feel it and I am so grateful! Creating affirms my life force and light source, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my Black viscera for as long as I can. #fromMyGutstoyours #infinitegratitude
Thanks @pbbt for the capture!


🦁It’s my birthday!🦁Shout out my Leo sisteren @domlshepherd for these flicks!

Leave a note, take a shell. Thanks so much to everyone who wrote something. So many people placed their shells on the shrine. I started going through the notes yesterday, Any suggestions on what I should do with them? I thought of burning them but we had to use fire proof paper for safety reasons.

... and leave a message for a lost loved one, an aspiration, affirmation, name, wish, prayer, whatever you feel/need. Wax Hand poured with help from my leo sisteren @domlshepherd and @blackgirldope . @imanimoon held me down on these Gilded paper walls. Details are important! We love y’all !

A place to reflect #4hunnitcandles

A beckoning glow

... now let’s go see the inside

Shout out to @alexandreacarte for snatching this bod in in one of her beautiful dresses and for making me this harness out of the cowrie mesh scraps we had left over. I love repurposing my work materials into fashion for openings and Chels is the ultimate designer extraordinaire / leo sister for the job.

Let’s go up stairs 📷 @stephaniebassos

A throne for a moment of power for the living/ A seat left empty by the deceased / a throne awaiting the deceased in the after life, embedded with riches (cowries were once used as currency in many African countries/ pacific islands) ... it’s whatever you need it to be. Each shell is hand set, grouted and scrubbed free from the grout individually, by hand. Shout out to bae @imanimoon For coming on board as my artist assistant and making my IG stories lit . Shout out to my sisters @paperbag_brown @amynalove @domlshepherd @blackgirldope for volunteering their time and elbow grease to help. Love y’all!

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