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These days savvy travellers can search for the perfect vacation spot on countless sites | Read about the power of the travel influencer on Crowd Agency's blog

Nigeria is home to a thriving fashion culture, producing some incredibly talented style bloggers

Influencer marketing isn’t a new trend by any means, but it is set to pick up for the rest of this year in a big way

Influencer marketing has become a mainstay of social media engagement, and luxury brands are no exception. These seven famous Italian brands are embracing influencer marketing

In the realm of fashion marketing, influencer collaboration has become almost unavoidable. Just because influencer collaboration is expected, however, doesn’t mean it has to be stale.

Keeping your digital marketing strategy alive requires content, and lots of it

Brands are taking a stand on social issues and are now choosing to partner with influencers who focus on a sustainable and conscious lifestyle

Recent studies show that when it comes to social media marketing, short-form video is the new rising star. For businesses, there’s no better social media channel for content promotion than LinkedIn

Few fitness brands have truly managed to dominate online platforms. So, what do they have in common? They’ve all invested in influencer marketing.

Whether it’s for a laugh or to learn something new, on-demand listening attracts millions of listeners, and advertisers are starting to reap the rewards

Crowd Media is pleased to release a new webinar with CEO Domenic Carosa, CFO Toni Ignatovska & COO Michel de Jong giving an update on H1 2019 results and answering shareholder questions

Visual search is set to change the way we approach online searching, buying, and selling. How does this impact you?

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