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CrossFit Watsonville  Drop in for a workout and see what our community is all about!

Murph time once again! We will be holding two class times on Memorial Day, May 28th. 8:30am for experienced CrossFitters and 9:30am for those newer to CrossFit (or any level really). You don’t have to RX the workout to come to the 8:30am class. All other class times are canceled for the day. We’ll be BBQ’ing after the wod. Grab a side from the grocery store and a folding chair from your garage (you won’t want to stand long after Murph). Side note- please leave your fur babies at home for this potluck.

Gabe Perez, (@gperez_7 ), one of the newer members of our CrossFit Watsonville community, just got his first Ring Muscle-Up Friday! He wasn’t fully expecting to get up on top of the rings his first time, so when he did, he said he was so excited he even got up there that he just dropped down. (Yes, Gabe definitely has the strength to do Ring-dips, heh!) He gave it another go today and not only did he completely lock out at the top, he almost got a double! -
Way to go, Gabe!! Great work, buddy! Like I tell all of our newer athletes, “This is just the beginning!”

Some of our athletes during our Band-Bell Bench-Press yesterday. There’s a quick learning curve as the body adjusts to the new stimulus. Much like holding in a support on the rings for the first time, the second exposure is better than the first, and the third exposure often far better. Everyone had fun with this before hitting the short and heavy main site WOD of 3-Rounds For Time Of 10 DeadLifts 275/185, 50 Double-Unders. Another great day in the box. 💪🏽😎🤙🏽

Jaimie Barrera (@jaimiecakes10 ) and Gray Gomez (@gee__unitt ) Rx’ing the $#!t out of today’s WOD during the 9:00 am class! Not only are these two ladies strong and fit Athletes, but they are two of the nicest, realist people you’ll meet. Great work today, ladies!!

And that’s a wrap! 4th place finish for these strong ladies. 🙌🙌💪 #granitegames #scaleddivision

Hebrew de Taco currently in 5th place in the Granite Games scaled division! Awesome job ladies! How are you spending your Cinco de Mayo?

The Jimenez sisters, Brendha, Ashley and Valerie, have been pretty consistent since they joined. They decided to do a double-day last Wednesday on our longer WOD of the week, so after taking the 4:30 pm class, they ate a bit and rested, then came back and took the 6:30 pm class. Valerie, the youngest of the three and Cabrillo Basketball player, opted to wear a weighted vest her second time around. She is already noticing some big improvements across the board since she started and is excited to see what she can do by the time next season starts. She is going to crush her opponents next season, folks. 😎

Most of our athletes who followed our most recent DeadLift and OverHead-Squat Progressions PR’d both lifts by a healthy amount after the 9 week Progressions. One of our athletes, Matt Gomez, shown here getting his triple extension on his Clean, PR’d his DeadLift by 90# and his OverHead-Squat by 70#. He legitimately tried during his 1RM testing we did right before starting the progressions too, so these were significant improvements. What were your PR’s on these lifts? We can’t wait to see how everyone improves from our current Back-Squat and Squat-Snatch Progressions!

Lt. Christian Le Moss, (SCPD SWAT), and @jdog_crossfit_og after completing the Never Forget Relay race on Sunday, a charity event established to raise money for families of fallen first responders, and to remember those we’ve lost. Teams of four athletes each run two individual 5k legs in a relay format, passing a baton on to the next runner. Police, Fire, and 1st responders from all over the county came together and participated. It was a well organized and well ran event (pun intended, heh) for a great cause. There was even a bounce house for the kids.

Firefighter (& FireBreather), Rich Seadler, currently ranked 23rd out of the entire West Coast in his division (Men 45-49), tackles #AGOQ Workout-1 of the Age Group Online Qualifier Thursday night.
It’s a beautiful, quick & nasty little couplet of Thrusters and Rope-Climbs with ascending reps:
Thruster 4-8-12 (135/95)
Rope-Climb 1-2-3
Due to his work schedule as a Firefighter, Rich essentially only has three days to complete the four AGOQ WODs which is stressful to say the least. But Rich is a fierce competitor and is most certainly used to performing well under duress as it is inherent in his line of work. As expected, he is crushing these four grueling WODs as he endeavors to make it to The CrossFit Games. We can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. Go, Rich!!

Omar Guerrero, 64, hits a 1RM Back-Squat PR of 205#! He hit this weight a second time because he wanted to get a little lower. (Swipe right for his first attempt.) —— When Omar first started training with us just over two years ago, after his nephew encouraged him to start CrossFit (@crossfit ) to help in his recovery from a severe heart attack, he legitimately had trouble with an empty bar and his depth was shallow at best. His new PR is a testament not only of his work ethic and to what you can do when you train consistently, but to the fact that it doesn’t matter when you start, how old you are, if you’re “out of shape”, whatever. What matters is actually starting!!

The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” No aspect of functional movements is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly. - Greg Glassman

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