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CrossFit Townie  We are a fitness community dedicated to helping each other grow stronger in body, mind, and spirit.

Coach Spotlight! Today we are featuring Devin Tudor. Devin has more than 5 years of experience as a trainer and coach and is currently pursuing a degree in nursing. He loves anything outdoors and even spent a whole year on missions traveling the world. Devin brings that same passion and energy to each of his classes and is famous for his post workout pep talks. You can catch @devintudor at our 5:30am class leading our morning warriors before the sun comes up. #coachspotlight #towniestrong #crossfit

Meet athlete of the month, Taylor Devane. @taylor_d89 is one cool dude. He brings so much joy into Townie each day. He is such a fun loving athlete in our gym and we could not be more thankful. He is a friendly face to have in any of our classes, he encourages others and always gives each workout his all. He has been a dedicated member since he started over a year ago and has never let his busy work schedule become an excuse to neglect his health and fitness but has made it a priority to come to Townie during the week. Taylor leaves his ego at the door, comes to have fun and gets fitter in the process! #athleteofthemonth #towniestrong | Scroll through photos to see some of his journey |

Help us welcome the newest addition to our coaching staff, Brice Warner! Brice has been doing CrossFit for 5 years and uses CrossFit to train his athletes as a middle school weightlifting coach and assistant coach for the Thomasville High baseball team. Catch a class with Brice this Saturday during our 9am partner workout. #towniestrong #teamtownie #strongertogether #crossfit

Townie athlete @kbh3290 on his way to a third place finish at this weekends Extreme 5K in Pelham. #towniestrong #crossfit

Always a blast to get outside the gym and use our fitness to take on new challenges. Big thanks to @lululemon Tally for joining us and to the Rose City Tri Club for all the swim tips. #towniestrong #swimming #crossfit

#yogaattownie starts Thursday, August 3rd @ 6:30PM! Led by yoga instructor Shena Hernandez of Everyone in the Thomasville community is welcome - for more details click the link in our bio.

Our Townie Jr kiddos surprise us each week with new tricks! . . .
Email if you are interested in getting your child signed up this Fall 😊

Running into a new week like πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ#happymonday

The Dirty 5:30 came to do work this morning! Way to get it done before the sun comes up. #strongertogether #towniestrong #crossfit

Congrats to our Spring Nutrition Challenge individual winners Kathy and Bryan! In just 6 weeks of consistent exercise and a tailored nutrition program Kathy lost over 10 lbs of body fat and Bryan lost 2 inches around his mid section.
For all their hard work Kathy and Bryan have won a free pair of @brooksrunning shoes from our generous sponsor @dashrunning Thanks for trusting the process and putting in the work. Your Townie family is proud of y'all! #towniestrong #strongertogether #crossfit #nutrition

Let's hear it for Townie Athlete of the Month, Amy Woodward! { @amyfwoodward }
β€’ β€’ β€’
Amy started with us over a year ago. Since the day she started with us she has embodied dedication and strength. Her strength is shown in the way she listens to coaching, in the way she pushes past limits and in the way that she is patient with herself. From the moment Amy started with us she has indeed trusted the process. She has truly made fitness and nutrition a priority and it has shown...from crushing this past months nutrition challenge (lean machineπŸ’ͺ🏼), to getting her first kipping pull-ups and to being able to string together some dubs. Athletes that leave their pride at the door and consistently challenge themselves to be stronger, well rounded and more capable humans deserve a shoutout. Here is your shoutout, Amy! We are thankful to have you as a member of Townie.
#athleteofthemonth #crossfit #towniestrong

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