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Take it from our kids and S T R E T C H for a couple minutes after you read this! This was at our Summer Camp that ended yesterday, til next time! 🔥💙@crossfitproperkids #ChasingHappiness

The only L’s we like! #ChasingHappiness

We’d 💙 to meat 🥩 you at the box tomorrow. #ChasingHappiness

We’re on today at 7pm! @abc_hopes x @abchopes.disabilitiesfit || 🔥The heat isn’t going to stop us on this fine Thursday! 💪🏽#ChasingHappiness

Nothing like picking up a heavy barbell. 💪🏽 #ChasingHappiness

#Repost @wodshop
What’s up, Achievers?! @jasonlpak here with a quick tip on knee position during your squats! The big thing that we don’t want to see is your knee caving in inside the line of your big toe. We like knee position to be in line with somewhere around the 3rd-5th (pinky) toes. This helps to maintain a solid arch position in your foot, which can help to transfer stability to the knee.
If you’re having difficulty pushing your knees out in the bottom of the squat, try to flare your feet out slightly more. This can help to reduce ankle mobility requirements and allow you to squat down in a more comfortable manner.
Lastly, there are some elite Olympic lifters that actually purposely allow their knees to come inwards at the bottom of their squat, and seem to gain more power out of the hole because of it. However, they’ve most likely have been using this technique for many years and have developed the structural integrity throughout their joints to do so. They’re also in the performance realm; not the health and fitness realm so they’re going to adopt certain techniques to lift more weight. For the rest of us, keeping our knees in line with the 3rd-5th toes keeps our knees, feet, and ankles in a stable position and we can develop plenty of strength doing so.
Happy 4th, everyone! I hope this post helped you out! Until next time, Peace, Love, and Muscles! ✌💙💪
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The most interesting man at Proper... can you name him? 💪🏽#ChasingHappiness

Brandn says we don’t post about him enough. Check out this guy crushing 205 lbs. overhead! Double tap 💙 if your as stoked as Mike about it! #ChasingHappiness

Saturday! #ChasingHappiness

Going up overhead today! After the WOD hit 3x12 Arnold Presses for an extra pump! 💪🏽 if you don’t know what is look it up!#ChasingHappiness

The Man, Jerome, putting in work! He has come such a long way - we’re excited to tell his story! If you’re interested in Personal Training, book your session with us today! #ChasingHappiness

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