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The CrossFit Games  The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth™

Loud and Live Sports today announced the launch of the The West Coast CrossFit Classic, the most recent event to join the roster of competitions santioned by CrossFit Inc. to qualify athletes to the CrossFit Games. @thewestcoastclassic will take place in March 2020 in Del Mar, California, and will qualify athletes for the 2020 CrossFit Games. This announcement marks the second partnership between @CrossFit Inc. and Loud and Live Sports, which also owns the recently sanctioned @thewodapalooza.
The southern California fitness festival will feature local talent as well as the world's top athletes. The West Coast Classic is not only a fitness event, but also a celebration of the CrossFit community's unique commitment to health and fitness. "We look forward to continuing the tradition CrossFit has created within the birthplace of CrossFit, through the newest addition to the season" said President of @loud_live, @okeefmr. "Through these partnerships, Loud and Live is committed to supporting #CrossFit as a training methodology and sport, and more generally, supporting our shared global commitment to health, wellness, and fitness."
#CrossFitGames #Fitness

Three-time Games qualifier @jensmith008 🇺🇸 and individual rookie @cf_camilla 🇸🇪 comfortably cruise across the finish in the opening heat of The Battleground. #CrossFitGames#Fitness

@iamwillgeorges 🇫🇷, the first individual male from Vosges, France, to qualify for the #CrossFitGames, deadlifts 590 lb. (267 kg) during the CrossFit Total in 2018. Georges tied for fifth in the event and finished ninth overall. #Fitness #CrossFit🌲 🌲 @crossfitdbs83

🎙 @anniethorisdottir: Build the foundation brick by brick 👊🔥 172,5kg/380lb.
Annie deadlifted 385 lb. in the CrossFit Total at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games • #CrossFit #CrossFitGames #Deadlift

🤳 @mikepalomba1
Hit the @fittestincapetown workout 3 for fun yesterday, ended with a 275lb Snatch, where you at @trexpaulson ??”
#CrossFitGames #Fitness #Sanctionals #olympicweightlifting

🎙 @brazilcrossfitchamp
🇧🇷O Qualifier do Brazil CrossFit Championship terá duração de 2 semanas e acontecerá entre as semanas do dia 20 de janeiro e 3 de fevereiro de 2019. Os melhores atletas individuais masculinos/ femininos, assim como os melhores times de 4 (2 homens, 2 mulheres) vão classificar para o Brazil CrossFit Championship que acontecerá em Maio em São Paulo e disputarão uma vaga para o 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games em Madison, Wisconsin, EUA.
🇺🇸The Brazil CrossFit Championship Qualifier will take 2 weeks from January 20 to February 3, 2019. The best male and female individuals well as teams of 4 (2 male, 2 female) will qualify for the Brazil CrossFit Championship in May and be able to compete for one spot at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. #CrossFitGames #Sanctionals #Fitness #Brasil

🤸‍♀️ @eikgylfadottir :
“Pointing My Toes And Channeling my inner gymnast in some accessory complexes
1 Muscle Up - 2 Dips - 3 leg raises - 4 false grip pull-ups - 5 sec ring to chest hold
1 slow eccentric stall-bar T2B - 2 top half - 3 bottom half - 4 full ones and 5 sec L-Sit hold
#gymnastics #movelikeyoucare #CrossFit #CrossFitGames

🤳 @bluckett123
Still too scared to bike outside, thanks @pvellner 😂. So I’ll put some miles in, in the comfort of my home.” #CrossFitGames

🤳 @karasaundo 🇦🇺
Looks like I'll be substituting my weight vest for a different kind this season. Baby SHE bear due May 2019 💕
#babysaunders #babyshebear #itsagirl #grateful

@quany_quan, 2018 Games rookie and Head Coach at @CrossFitRoseland: "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
Attack this week, no matter the obstacles!" #CrossFit #CrossFitGames

🎙 @marisa_diane of @crossfit_annihilation ・・・
How many years have you been training? (Including how you got started, etc)- asked by @road_to_gainsville -
I started crossfit 4 years ago. A friend who I worked with told me they thought I’d be pretty good at it and that I should come try out his gym.
I took him up on his offer and I remember my first workout was running/toes to bar/and pull ups. I could not move the next day! Lol I ended up not coming back for a loonnggg time..until I worked up enough courage to step back in. I’m so glad I went against everything my mind was telling me.. “you can’t do this”..”it’s too hard”..”I look ridiculous”..I truly love it now and it’s such a huge part of my life🖤
📸 @ltevebaugh
#CrossFit #CrossFitGirls #weallstartsomewhere #fitness #health #healthandfitness #gym #dowhatyoulove #athlete #fitnessmotivation

🤳 @davehipp, Masters Men 60+ champion at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games:
“What an incredible journey it’s been! 6 @crossfitgames 3 gold medals. I am beyond grateful for everyone who continued to believe in me and support me all these years!! My family, friends, coach @dandelomba, @instagram followers, sponsors, fellow games athletes, and training partners from @screaming_eagle_crossfit @crossfitsolafide
I am so thankful to God and feel so privileged and honored to have had this amazing opportunity and and be able to use these gifts He has given me! I am only hoping and praying that in some small way I have been able to give back to everyone the inspiration and motivation to believe that we truly can be in the best shape of our lives at any age!!! Thank you all so much!!! #fitatanyage #crossfit #crossfitgames #believe #dream #fitness #CrossFitMasters
📷 @christinedca @dandelomba

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