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CrossFit Reviver  Mission: "To improve our members' quality of life through fitness, education, and community."

The man in this photo is Bob, and Bob is the spitting image of this statement. Two years ago he decided he was sick of being over-weight, which ultimately was keeping him from being the best version of himself. But he knew in order to lose the weight and transform his life, things had to change > so he did something he’d never done before. He started tracking his food - EVERYTHING he ate was logged in My Fitness Pal…not just the days he remembered, or only the days he felt like doing it…EVERY DAY he tracked!
He will tell ya it wasn’t always easy and there were definitely struggles along the way, but he stuck with it. Fast forward to today, he is down over 90lbs and has been for a year! His life has changed but his process hasn’t - he still tracks his food every single day. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all, @rdwood117 ! 🙌👏💪
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Super proud of my man, @bigred6810 for his progress over the last couple months. Through his consistent attendance at the gym (4+ days / week) and bi-weekly coaching meetings with @jdkochis , he’s made some great strides!
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
💥 Down 12lbs
💥 Increased energy
💥 Gaining strength and stamina in the gym
💥 Creating momentum with building his nutrition habits
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
Swipe right 👉 to see a whiteboard jam-session we had prioritizing his next ONE thing to focus on!
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Hey there, yah you. STOP settling for mediocre —> you deserve more! Give yourself permission to start raising the bar in your life. To make things simple, we like to measure Quality of Life (QOL) through four things:
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
1️⃣ Self - mental and physical health, self-worth, confidence, happiness
2️⃣ Relationships - meaningful, supportive relationships that bring you energy not exhaustion
3️⃣ Career / Work - a job that not only provides for you financially, but one where you feel inspired, can grow, and feel like you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself
4️⃣ Hobbies - activities that when you’re doing them time flies.
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
We’ve being doing this fitness thing long enough to realize the connection between fitness level and quality of life level. As people get fitter they live at a higher level. It looks something like this:
💥Self - confidence is raised, energy increases, disease / illness decrease or goes away, overall happiness is raised
💥Relationships - when you feel better about yourself you naturally treat people differently. You also have more confidence to eliminate the negative relationships in your life
💥Career / Work - do you think you’d perform better at your job if you had more confidence, energy, mental clarity, and happiness? I think so!
💥Hobbies - most people don’t do their hobbies enough cuz they lack energy, ability, or time. Well, when you’re more fit you increase your energy and ability, and tend to prioritize your time for the things you care about.
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
What are you waiting for???
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
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Can you pin point any things in your life that you often chalk up to being mistakes, but in actuality you do them often and realize they’re really just part of your behavior?
How about behaviors that you take for granted as being ‘normal’ but actually took a lot of hard work for you to build them into your everyday actions?
Here’s the dealio - you are who you are today, not by mistake…not because you do things every now and then…you are who you are because of the things you repeatedly do on a daily basis. Chew on that for a bit…🧐
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The three things that are CRUCIAL to accomplishing goals are:
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
1️⃣ Guidance - education and direction to know what to focus on and how to do it
2️⃣ Support - you are who you surround yourself with, so why not surround yourself with happy, inspiring, energetic people
3️⃣ Accountability - studies show you have a 40% chance of accomplishing a goal when you decide to do it - that goes up to 95% when you have a specific appointment with a person to hold you accountable
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
If you’re missing one or more of these elements in your fitness life, please give us a call - we can help 😉
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
#reviver #thebestYOU #crossfit #fitness #qualityoflife #wellbeing #vitality #strength #rochesterhills #guidance #support #accountability
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✅ As a runner, lowered race times by :60 per mile
✅ Committed to attending Reviver 3x per week which added overall strength and improved running
✅ ADVICE: Just show up! The coaches and members do the rest.
👏 @kasikjones , you’re a rockstar - keep it up and thanks for sharing your story 🙌
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
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When squatting, do you:
❌ Butt-wink (from squatting too low)
❌ Not squat low enough, in turn not maximizing your squats
❌ Have inconsistent depth throughout a set
If so, try using a box (or anything else) as a ‘target’ to hit. This can:
✅ Keep you from squatting too low and butt-winking
✅ Force you to squat to your full depth
✅ Create consistency with each and every rep
I hope this helps 😁
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
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Want to be happier? Want to be more successful? Want to have better relationships? Good, here’s your prescription:
☑️ Be GRATEFUL as a mother f’er for the things / people / accomplishments / health / etc that you have
☑️ Be DETERMINED to be the person you want the world to remember when you’re gone - created standards for yourself and stick to them.
☑️ SMILE, cuz its better for everyone 😁
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄
#reviver #thebestYOU #gratitude #determination #smile #dailydose #fitness #health #wellbeing #vitality #strength #rochesterhills

😠 Getting sick of not seeing results in the gym?
😩 Working out every week and not losing weight?
🤫 Eating good during the week but falling off over the weekend?
😁 You’re not alone…click the link in our bio and gain some insight into why there’s a disconnect between your efforts and your results.
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Could not be more proud of @lyssbarraco right now! She had enough of the old and is ready for the new. All of the results listed in the photo above have occurred over the last 4 months and came about because of 3 things:
1️⃣ Implementing one new thing at a time
2️⃣ Consistency
3️⃣ Willingness to get out of comfort zone
@lyssbarraco you’re a rockstar - keep it up - you’ve only just begun!
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Hey silly, stop bashing your face in every day in the gym, eating “clean” M-TH, binge eating / drinking F-SU, and getting pissed when you’re not getting results. There are better ways to do it, I promise 😁
Step 1: Look in the mirror, smile 😁, and tell yourself how awesome you are!
Step 2: Decide what you really, I mean REALLY want to get out of your exercise
Step 3: If you really care about a specific result (fat loss / performance / strength) versus a feeling (fun / exhaustion / working hard) I suggest you take a deep look into your nutrition, sleep, and stress
Step 4: Tone down the intensity in your training, ramp up the intensity with your food / recovery
Step 5: Stop wasting your progress by overeating every weekend
Step 6 (optional): Seek out a coach who understands you and can help with goal setting, planning, and execution / accountability
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Living the life you dream about is not nearly as complicated as you probably make it seem. It is merely a combination of habits, executed on a daily basis, over and over and over again. 🔵
What I love about this quote / idea / theory is that it gives the individual complete control over their future. You want a certain lifestyle? You want a particular job? An elevated level of happiness? Elite fitness? It doesn’t matter - look at other people who have achieved what you want, figure out what they do on a daily basis, and do those things over and over again until you start to reap the benefits.
Start small - one habit at a time - that is the key!
#reviver #thebestYOU #habits #crossfit #winning #consistency #success #future #theonething #quotes

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