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TIE Fighter Pilot
Awesome figure. Never had one growing up.
First picture is a regular Hongkong.
One thing I see often is people wanting a lot of money for TIE Pilots with traces of COO and copyright info on the FRONT of the figures legs.
This "variation" is not rare IMO. You'll probably end up with 5 of them if you buy 10 random pilots. In fact, I think all TIE Pilots have a sanded down look on the fronts of their legs. Just my opinion.
Second pic shows two of these with traces on the front of the legs. A Hongkong and a no COO.
Tried to get a photo of the traces in the third pic.
Kenner Star Wars post 48/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #tiefighterpilot

Bespin Security Guard
Aka Black Bespin Guard.
Had difficulties finding no COO variations for this guy. Did eventually, but only have this regular Hongkong figure left since I got out of variant collecting.
Kenner Star Wars post 47/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #blackbespinguard #bespinsecurityguard

Cloud Car Pilot
Like most of the Bespin figures this is one I never saw during my childhood.
Kenner Star Wars post 46/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #cloudcarpilot

Added some more figures here 💥

Didn't get much done today. Everything felt surronded by negative energy. Some days are tough and strange.
Did manage to call the insurance company (I'm buying a house) and got things sorted. Always something, I guess.
Looking forward to the shipping confirmation for the MOTU Classics Ultimates tomorrow. 😬
Many posts about the San Diego comic-con here on IG today. Am I the only one tired of hearing about exclusives?
Now, maybe some video games or a movie. 🤔
One of my rambling posts; don't pay too much attention to them 😆 #keepscrolling

C-3PO Removable limbs
The second version of C-3PO
This figure disappointed me as a kid because he didn't look as golden as he did in pictures on the cardbacks or other promotional stuff you got with the toys. It was more silver than gold I thought.
Kenner Star Wars post 45/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #c3po

R2-D2 Sensorscope
The second version of R2 released late during the ESB line.
Kenner Star Wars post 44/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #r2d2sensorscope

AT-AT Commander
Some of the euro variations are easy to spot because of their white or pink faces.
Pictured is a normal Hongkong figure. I usually keep the euro figures but I think I prefer the normal face color for this figure.
Kenner Star Wars post 43/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #atatcommander

Luke Skywalker Hoth Battle Gear
Pictured is a no COO figure. Not the best condition, but I had trouble finding this variation so this is the one I kept.
Great figure. The lack of a lightsaber doesn't bother me at all.
Kenner Star Wars post 42/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #lukeskywalker #hoth

Swedish MOTU board game.
#mastersoftheuniverse #boardgame #alga #mattel #brio #swedish
Cleaned out a room at my fathers yesterday. Came home with some stuff.
A bit emotional to sort through old stuff. Makes you think about people that are gone ❤️ Don't feel like doing much more today.

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