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O  Complete loser from Sweden

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
Available with white or gray hair.
A fun figure to collect carded because he is available on every logo (SW, ESB, ROTJ, Trilogo and POTF) so you can put together a nice run. 1 of 6 figures you can do this with.
Kenner Star Wars post 8/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #benkenobi #obiwankenobi

Been a long day. Good night 😴

My favorite is the no COO Trilogo figure.
Kenner Star Wars post 7/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #stormtrooper

Another stinkin' Monday 🀒

Darth Vader
I think I prefer the ROTJ era figure. Sharp details, good fitting capes, nice rounded sabers.
Second pic shows a typical ESB Vader to the right. Third pic is ROTJ - ESB - SW
Kenner Star Wars post 6/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #darthvader
Also, MIM Vaders are not Lili Ledy *hides* πŸ™ˆ

The first version of the golden rod.
Kenner Star Wars post 5/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #c3po

The color of the pouch is the main thing that differs on Chewie. It's quite common to have a green metallic discoloration (2nd pic). Figures with green limbs is also discoloration, not a variation βœ‹πŸ»
Kenner Star Wars post 4/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #chewbacca


The first version of R2, often called solid top or dome.
Don't have much to say. Love the little fella.
As for variations; dark blue is often mentioned. I can't tell the difference.
Kenner Star Wars post 3/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #r2d2

Princess Leia
A very popular figure right now. πŸ’°
I don't have a specific favorite variation for this figure. I like them all. The one pictured first is a no COO euro variation. I tend to keep those for obvious reasons πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
Kenner Star Wars post 2/96
#starwarstoys #kennertoys #princessleia

At the cemetery.
#cemetery #bluesky

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