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Vicki Cronis-Nohe  Pilot Photojournalism. Family photo album. Power to the little people.

Bill Tiernan writes a farewell email to the newsroom on his last day as a Virginian-Pilot staff photographer.
An excerpt: "I've been lucky enough to have covered most of the big stories in our community for the past 33 years, but I have to say the most satisfying are the small stories that when added together make up the big story of who we are as a community."
Take heed, "media companies." You better find your way back home.

Happy Halloween, y'all! #slimshady

In honor of Halloween and the upcoming second season, here are some #StrangerThings from the 1970s -3 of my siblings. I think this is the only time I have seen @psog wear lipstick. Love mom stating the obvious.... #oldschool #whataboutDorothy

WW II vet Thomas Norwood celebrated turning 95 by skydiving. Norwood, who lives in Virginia Beach, was with the 101st Airborne Division during the war, and parachuted into Normandy on D-Day. He hopes to jump for the next 6 years on his birthday, with the goal of making 101 - he likes the idea of that number. Loved his red socks.
#movementismedicine #suffolk

My nature peeps.

The old boy always finds that perfect shaft of morning light. #thegoodlife #9livesspent

Oh, we'll have our warm spells for sure, but I can definitely feel summer slipping away. I'll miss the slow days. #hasta #bugslife

No one should have to work on weekends.
Wah. I want to go back.
#baldknob #alleghenymountains

Sunday afternoon, fishing. #NewRiver

I met a mermaid today. #pleasurehousepoint

Overexposed today. Must be the humidity.

Spent a couple of hours today in the regional jail, photographing the Tomato King, 80, as he talked about his rise and fall. He left behind his sharecropper roots and fourth-grade education to create a multimillion-dollar wholesale produce empire, but lost most of it to alcohol, drugs, and tragedy. The details of his reign were quite seedy, and I guess I should have been inwardly offended at parts, but it just made me sad. Throughout the interview he pressed decades-old photographs of his wife to the visiting room glass, like she was his proudest accomplishment.

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