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Vicki Cronis-Nohe  Photographically figuring it out. Family photo album. Power to the little people.

Just another snow day in #virginiabeach
#seashorestatepark #rambleon

Every time I drive by a certain chicken processing plant on the Eastern Shore, I am struck by the seagulls that always seem to be swirling above. It’s lovely to watch, such a contrast to what’s going down in the building below. The stench must draw them, it’s certainly a distinctive smell, hot and earthy, and at the same time slightly metallic. I like to think of their circling as some sort of R.I.P. to their flightless brothers, but I figure they’re really just looking for scraps.

Snow day #2

Who thinks my nephew looks like #KyloRen? Of course to my son, he is the #supremeleader of cool. #sisteraintbuyingit

This is Christmas. Merry merry to you all. #peeps #linus

Calling it early this year. Best gift of Christmas - the Grilled Cheesus sandwich press @jaybezpete. #grilledcheese

Migrating flocks always make me feel so small. They pang my heart in a way that feels almost like being homesick, like I want to jump in my car and drive. That faint honk - a passing train off in the distance. Such a beautiful and lonely sound.

Putting the beds to bed for the winter. Rest up - we've got big plans. #schoolgarden #virginiabeach

Rediscovered this image as I packed up my photographic life last week, taken early on as a staffer for The Pilot. Ashley had just returned home after being beaten by a roommate at the institution her mother Wendy had reluctantly placed her in. I can't remember the exact nature of Ashley's diagnosis, but she was severely developmentally delayed, largely non verbal, and prone to violent outbursts. Snow White soothed her that morning, for a brief time, anyway. During the interview we talked about what was different about Ashley, and the turmoil and challenges associated with their lives.
Days later, Wendy sent a letter to the newspaper, and amazingly I found I still had it, 20 years later. Pack rat for the win. "I hope very much that you have not finished writing your article. From the moment you left and throughout the night I realized that something was wrong. I didn't know exactly what was bothering me. At first I thought that maybe it had been my nervousness from the interview or my worrying about Ashley getting upset while we were talking.
I walked you through Ashley's life by only skimming across the medical details. I spent time talking about the hardships and completely overlooked the miracles. I told you about how Ashley cried when the wind blew on her face or the sun shone in her eyes. I didn't mention that the same little girl who once cried now holds my hand and walks me to the door to take her outside, even on windy days. We often go for drives, Ashley particularly loves to drive around with the windows rolled down when it's warm enough. I look at her smiling at me through my rearview mirror and I realize that she's learning to enjoy her life rather than fear it.
I may have talked a lot yesterday about how difficult it has been to meet Ashley's needs but I want you to know that Ashley has shown me the possibilities for achievement in this life, beyond all excuses. Most of all, she has shown me the resilience of the human spirit. Ashley will pull through this in time because that's just Ashley. She will somehow manage to fight life and win. She'll do it looking at the sun." I would say that sums it up. Look for the miracles, friends.

Oyster roast sidelines. #home #bigsam

Bill Tiernan writes a farewell email to the newsroom on his last day as a Virginian-Pilot staff photographer.
An excerpt: "I've been lucky enough to have covered most of the big stories in our community for the past 33 years, but I have to say the most satisfying are the small stories that when added together make up the big story of who we are as a community."
Take heed, "media companies." You better find your way back home.

Happy Halloween, y'all! #slimshady

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