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Vicki Cronis-Nohe  Photographically figuring it out. Family photo album. Power to the little people.

So used to the light and ease of this child. As he stretches and grows, brooding darkness seems to come in with it. It’s ok. Change can be hard. I just want to see a smile every other day or so.
I showed him this post, and he gave me a little grin. We hugged for awhile and then sat down in the garage and watched the rain.

Y’all do your Cinco. I’m hanging with the Greeks.


Sorry. It’s all Austin here of late. Been kinda cool having the time to spend with my son (weekends!) after leaving the Pilot several months ago. Lots of uncertainty ahead, but grateful as hell, too. Thanks @g0vtmule for captaining the ship.

Austin and shades. Starsky and Hutch.

#EasterSunday - peeps and jellybeans

Day spent with seedlings = a good day. Thanks, Hattie!

The angst of a 10-yr-old.

A wrong turn on a back road lead me to these guys. They wanted something, and were persistent about it. #easternshore

Hello, old cat. These couch days are full of you. 😻#makingbiscuits #oliversloan

Getting used to watching life go on in other parts of the house, as seen from my homebase on the couch. This broken knee thing has slowed me way down, but not all of it has been negative, I keep trying to convince myself of that. The body is an amazing thing when it’s tuned up and running on all cylinders, but my goal now is restoration. In the meantime, I’m thankful to my family and friends for their care-taking, concern, and the long conversations with loved ones these slow days have afforded me. Trying to not wish time away. I’m lucky to have it.

Bit of a show stopper. But, I went for it. #notlindseyvonn

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