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Vicki Cronis-Nohe  Pilot Photojournalism. Family photo album. Power to the little people.

What's up, July? You're looking more like October. Thank-you very much.

Clean bounty from the #schoolgarden #virginiabeach #kidscangrow

Tuckered out in the backseat after a late-night poker game to celebrate turning 10. Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Sam and Ally; the ol' love/hate thing. #siblings #seashorestatepark

Because it's the first day of summer. #ontherocks, somewhere.

My son and his grandfather Peeps, as drawn in this year's #fathersday card. So many wonderful men in my life - caring fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, and friends. Hope your day is a special one.

Almost 10, all limbs.

4th graders let their babies go, which has by far been the best part of rearing oysters. The students raised their oysters from spat, doing the hard work of cleaning algae off their float, and pulling the dreaded slimy flatworm killers out of their shells. #Tidewater students have raised roughly 8 million oysters in the Oyster Reef Keepers school program over the last 20 years - I'd say they are doing their part. The kids are pitching them onto a sanctuary reef in Long Creek where the oysters will do their life's work filtering this #chesapeakebay tributary. Godspeed little bivalves! #chesapeakebayfoundation #virginiabeach #lynnhaven #757photographer

A little hairy on I-64

Just like to acknowledge the items that have been superstitiously keeping me safe on the road for years. Little Buddha man is on his 3rd Camry. They have seen me at my worst and listened to endless hours of #NPR. #dashboardfriends

What did you all do on Mother's Day? I got to put the smack-down on some alien ninjas and save the world. It was a pretty good day. #bestpresent

Revenge of the 5th. I like it. #onassignment #virginianpilot #sith #darthsomebody

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