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【 Crona and Hikaru 】

One day Crona was sitting outside, think back on her life. She regretted almost everything she had done. Tears fell from her eyes slowly, "I wish I was never born." Crona thought to herself. As she was crying some boy touched her shoulder. Crona looked around at the strange brunette. He sat next to her, "a Whats wrong?" Hikaru asked. Crona didn't know what to say, first she was crying.. Then she met a boy asking her whats wrong. Crona started thinking for awhile, she stayed silent until Hikaru asked again. Crona looked at him slowly, "I-I regret being born.." She said shyly. "You can't regret bring born, it wasn't your choice if you wanted to be here or not." He said. "I wish I wasn't born, everyone hates me!" Crona exclaimed. "I don't. I just met you. You see amazing, well according to your look, you are amazing. I'm Hikaru, by the way." "I-I'm Crona.." "That's a cute name, we should hang out sometime. You should come to the Host Club!" Hikaru said excitedly. "Uh.. S-sure.. I guess.." "Cool, can you come now?" "I-I think so.." Hikaru grabbed her hand and walked to the host club. Crona was blushing a little as he grabbed her hand. When they arrived at the Host Club, Hikaru explained all the members of the host club.
To be continued

【 it's Christmas! 】

Crona sighed. "It's Christmas.. Time to sleep." Crona was about to lay down until someone busted through his door. It was Black Star and Tsubaki. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Yelled Black Star. "Merry Christmas." Said Tsubaki. She waved and smiled lightly. Maka and Soul walked through the door. "Merry Christmas!" They said happily. Death The Kid, Patty, and Liz followed behind them. "Merry Chri-" Patty quickly cut Kid and Liz off. "HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!" Patty yelled. Crona smiled as everybody was standing in his cell. He felt special. "Come on, let's go to my dad's room." Kid said to everyone. "We got presents-" Black Star ran through Liz and Kid. "PRESENTTSSS!" He said as he exited the room.
Everyone was standing in Lord Deaths room. Liz pointed to a tree with present underneath it. "We should sort them up and then open them. Your name should be on the present. Liz said. Everyone opened their present, Crona smiled. "This Christmas was better." Crona said.

【 It's Christmas Eve 】

Crona sat in his cell, thinking about every single Christmas he spent by himself. Not even Medusa would spend Christmas with him, Ragnarok would sleep all day, and Crona would do nothing. "Maybe.. This year will b-.. No.. It wouldn't be." Crona mumbled. "Maybe it was meant to be like this.. Just me.. Alone." Crona has never received a present. The only thing he wanted was, company. "Christmas Eve.. Spent alone!" He cried.

【 I'm Happy 】 "I'm happy for once, in my life. I know I've been through rough situations but.. I'm finally happy, I'm not stuttering, crying, or being negative. I don't feel hurt or anything, I'm not lying. I am proud to be myself. I've learned from Maka to never give up, I learned from Soul anything might happen but keep your cool. I learned from BlackStar to believe in yourself. Tsubaki taught me to always look on the positive side. Kid taught me everything's not perfect. Patty taught me that you don't have to always jump to conclusions, and Liz taught me that there will always be something that might scare you." Crona said to Medusa, "I see.. So all these people taught you something? What about your mother? I taught you how to fight." She grinned. "You abused me.. And I'm not afraid of you anymore, I believe in myself now!" Crona picked up his sword and swung it at Medusa, causing her to die. Medusa said something as she died "Your gonna miss me Crona.."

【 Crona x Kid 】

Crona was crying in her room, she had never felt welcome in the world. "Why does everybody hate me?" She cried. Kid was walking past Crona's room as he heard crying. He leaned his head next to the door, trying to hear what she was saying. After he heard she was hated, he went in her room and hugged her. "Crona.. Don't cry.." "B-but, everyone hates me!" She cried more, "I don't hate you.." He said quickly. ~
Crona cried more as Kid quickly turned her around and kissed her. She blushed but quickly wiped away, Kid pulled away breaking the kiss. He smirked knowing that would make Crona stop crying. "K-Kid, did you j-" kid cut her off "Yes.. I love you Crona.. I can't see my love crying, especially asymmetrically." He chuckled, Crona blushed. "I-I love you too Kid.." "I loved you ever since I met you.. I just never had the guts to say it.."

【 Everyday 】
Medusa told Crona to slay this little black dragon, Crona refused to do it, as usual. Medusa glared at him "Crona.." She said with an angry tone in her voice. Crona stuttered and whimpered, "Y-Yes, Lady M-Medusa?.." He asked in fright. Medusa turned around till she was not facing him, "Why are you stuttering.. You think something's going to happen?" She asked, her voice sounded deceiving yet, strong, independent. "N-no.." He looked down. "Then why are you stuttering.." She asked again, not wanting to repeat herself. "Don't lie to me.. I'm your mother.. Aren't I?" "Y-Yes Medusa but-" Crona was cut off by Medusa. "Your lying." She said, Medusa pushed him in his room and turned off the lights. Crona cried a little. "T-this happens everyday.." Ragnarok quickly popped out and banged on his head. "You idiot! People are so lucky they don't have to be inside you!" He annoyed Crona by punching, hitting, yelling, and being mean. Crona screamed as Ragnarok continued to hit him.

【 Crona x Maka 】

Crona had woke up and got ready to go to his classes. Maka had walked to his cell and greeted him, "Hello Crona!" She smiled. "H-Hi Maka." He smiled lightly and looked her. "Well let's go to class, I don't wanna be late!" Maka had grabbed Crona's hand and ran. She had dragged Crona to their class. Crona panted and stood up, he dusted the dirt from the floor off his butt. "Are you okay, Crona?" Maka had let out a quiet chuckle. "I'm sorry." She continued to chuckle. "It's o-okay.." Crona was still panting from all that dragging. Crona and Maka walked into the classroom and took their seats.
Class was over and everyone had been dismissed but Maka, Crona, Kid, Patty, Liz, BlackStar, Tsubaki, and Soul had stayed in the room. Everyone was talking to eachother but Crona and Maka walked away, "So what are you doing later?" She asked, "N-nothing.. Why?" "Maybe you can stop by my house, Soul and Blair are going to the movies though." "You d-didn't wanna go?" "Nah, I'd rather hangout with you." Maka smiled. They had walked to her house and turned on a movie, the lights were off, and they had popcorn. Maka smiled and sat next to Crona.

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