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Bat Riley  Amateur iPhoneographer 📲 Original pics and editing 🆕 "Never trust a monkey!"

Lizzy was 7 and Ashley was 5.
When they found a ladder that shot up straight into the sky.
The ladder went higher and higher in the air.
But both knew a ladder always leads to somewhere.
So without hesitation they started to climb.
And talked of the wondrous things they would find.
I bet it's a mountain made out of gold.
I bet it's a castle mysterious and old.
Or maybe a beach with a magic lagoon.
Or maybe it'll take us right up to the moon.
So day after day, and night after night.
The girls kept climbing but with no end in sight.
They did not get discouraged and their spirits stayed high.
Knowing each rung brought them closer to the ultimate prize.
How long did this go on? The girls lost count.
When they got to the top they'd figure it out.
Until one day the ladder just stopped.
The girls had made it right up to the top.
They looked at each other with tears in their eyes.
Neither prepared for this sort of surprise.
What had just happened? How could this be?
The ladder went nowhere, there was nothing to see.
Both hung there in silence, neither sure what to do.
For Ashley was now 90, Lizzy 92.

~I know that I spend far too much time,
~In the prison of my mind.
~A basket on a carnival ride,
~Spinning through the sky. ~Which one am I?
~Angel or devil in disguise,
~believing all my lies. ~Now I know, now I know... now I know!
~That before you come you must go.
~So hello, hello, hello... hello again,
~To my old recycled friend.

~The mantis queen,
who reigned supreme,
sat in a terrible mood!
~A savory meal,
safe behind bars of steel
denied her her favorite food!

Being the first one to get to the poop-crusted pole still makes you the winner!

The building loves the children; and slips deeper and deeper into madness while it waits for them to return.

Blah, blah, blah!

So real that it seemed unreal!

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