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kaz  i do art and stuff


yeah i live a lie but i like it more than the truth 👌🏼
an excuse to post

drawpile w/ @tartsy_891, @cardboardghost, @denicebenice, @isketchiguess, and @spoopy.dream470
that's i joined late ft. me trying to keep my account family friendly (sorry)

ass guardians.png
hey look i drew something other than my ocs.
i stg when i don't have internet i have such good ideas for captions, here's some examples;;
lord of thunder and the god of dipshit
rise of the ass guardians featuring loki as pitch black and thor as santa or something
mjolnir took me longer to line than loki's hair
i've seen this movie twice already
i tried this in a simpler style and i kinda like it? i may use it when im lazy lmao
#thorragnarok #thor #loki

pretty guys who are pretty gay buttheyareextremelyclostedbecauseitsthe1920s-1930sandtheywouldliketokeeptheirjob.
honestly i don't have names for them. but i love em
also orange guy is freaked out by purple guys asian glow because he's never seen it before.
i had tried drawing them as animal crossing characters (purple being a koala and orange being a tall bird) but lmao that didn't happen bc it looked like shit
another edit: I DIDNT EVEN MENTION THAT THEYRE DETECTIVE PARTNERS!! they're trying to prove patrick is the culprit but they eventually start considering raymond's theories. not gonna give too many details
#characterdesign #originalcharacter #oc #crocosocs

something plain i did for a social studies project. edo fashion is so odd to me.
this was also a bit experimental so the colouring is off
#edojapan #japanese #japanart #geisha

lineless is hard
#originalcharacter #oc #crocosocs

i'm feeling uninspired so here's these sloppy split leaf philodendron leaves that i did in 2 different styles
#painting #art #splitleafphilodendron #plantart #plant

last character i'm introducing,,
the boys name is patrick and he just wants to know what's going on,,
basically he's been accused of murdering a couple and annie is his lawyer
ID LIKE TO CLARIFY THAT RAYMOND DID NOT BEAT HIM UP,, the only reason raymond seems really intimidating is because patrick is short as heck
#crocosocs #oc #ocs #originalcharacter #owncharacter #characterdesign

she can step on me any day,,
so her name is annie and she's a lawyer. if you think she's raymond's neighbour than you are correct
also i'm almost at 700 and like just last week i had 500. the amount of attention i'm getting is almost overwhelming,,
#oc #originalcharacter #characterdesign #owncharacter #crocosocs

local man that has crush on his apartment neighbour denies having crush on his apartment neighbour
i changed up raymond a bit
also recently i've been getting a lot of followers and i wanna say hi!!
#oc #originalcharacter #characterdesign #crocosocs

drawpile w/ @_katie_paws_ @tartsy_891 @spoopy.dream470 and @denicebenice ;0
instagram ruined the quality in this,,
btw i'm red
#drawing #drawpile #campcamp #campcampdanvid

doodles of some gross boys
edit: okay they're not gross i love them,,
#campcamp #campcampdaniel #campcampdanvid #campcampdavid

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