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Good Monday! 🙂
How are you today?
I'm sick 🤒 and waiting for orange mohair to start crochet a fox to order...
My nose is like a mini version of Niagara Falls 🤧🤧🤧 Of course I can't crochet in this condition, that's why I upgraded my FB shop today 💪
Don't worry I'll be fine very soon 🙂 It's just a mild cold.
Tell me what are you working on just now?
If I can't crochet myself, I would like to read how you do so 😁

Love is in the air! 💞💕💞💕
Love is in your hands 👐 ❤️
Wish you a great weekend full of love 💖

Good mood in a cup 🍵
The big cup of good mood 😁😁😁
They are waiting for a new friends and new homes at @tastypearshop!
$15 each.

New smile collection is ready!
Part 1.
Angel and Devil 😇 👿
Good and Evil. Choose your side or take both for harmony and balance 😉
$17 AUD each.
They will be at @tastypearshop tomorrow! 😉

Today and on Thursday, 9th I'm in @tastypearshop for whole day (from 9.30am to 5pm). Feel free to come and say hello!
Me and my toys would be happy to see you! ☺️

Hello everyone!
I'm going to start this week with #crochettiky_tips. And today I invite you to look at 5 easy ways to finish your crochet side.

*swipe left to watch all tutorial videos

1️⃣ Slip stitches (video 1) form nice "braid" row. Simple, nice and classic way to finish your crochet side.

2️⃣ Chain + slip stitch (video 2). This way suits for toy's dresses or skirts.

3️⃣ If you prefer more filigree side of a skirt, just add a few chains between slip stitches. On video 3 I crochet 3 chains + slip stitch in each loop of previous row.

4️⃣ Funny way (video 4): slip stitches with 360 turn of the hook.

5️⃣ And the last, but not the least way in which I use reverse single crochet stitches (video 5). Reverse single crochet is a simple variation on the single crochet. This stitch, also known as crab stitch (because of its "backwards" nature), is essentially the same stitch that you already know but worked in reverse. The way is good for blankets, napkins, pillows, bags, baskets and rugs.

Which way is your favorite?

Don't forget to press 💚 and leave comments if you like my mini tutorials 😉

Best regards,

Uhh! First off all many thanks to all of you who sent me variants of a name for my purple monster 👾 All of them were really great! Thank you!
But I had to choose... Honestly it was hard 😁 Finally I decided to give him long complex name. I tried a few combinations and...
Ta-ta-tammm! 📯 Let me introduce you Brizon Flipoolya Zrim R'ngch the Greatest and Brightest (Beep Beep for friends 😉)!
I think a great and honorable destiny awaits monster with such a wonderful name! 😊
And yes, it's a final set of pics for @nosweetsummer contest. A few full-length shots and some details close-up (swipe to see all of them).
I remind you the monster is taking part in #nosweetsummer2018 contest and was made from illustration by talented @dilkka! To know more information about contest please visit its Instagram account.
Have a nice Friday night and wonderful weekend!
Cheers, Natali 💜💙💛💙💜 #crochettiky_available

King of beasts and jungles is looking for a name 😂
Help us guys, please! We're waiting for your variants! 😉

✨Just little magic✨
I finished him!
I'm soooo happy! I think my monster is wonderful, isn't he? 😉😊☺️
It was awesome experience! I really feel myself like a wizard! I'm a wizard!!! 😁😁😁
Being a wizard is my biggest dream! Thank you @nosweetsummer and @dilkka for helping to realize my dream, for opportunity to become a wizard and to do magic! ✨✨✨
Because when the illustration by @dilkka transforms into real toy from just a ball of yarn... Oh, I can't describe this feeling in words! ✨ Believe me it was great!
More photos will be soon 😉

Hello everyone!
How is your weekend going?
We went to see a new walking bridge in Perth today, but it's still closed for public 🤨😒
Fortunately that small misunderstanding didn't kill the mood and we had a wonderful walk near the Swan river and in Queen's Gardens.
I took lots of beautiful photos: birds, quite streets, Perth City in rain clouds, rainbow near Blue Boat House... I put some in my stories, check them out 😉

Tell me something about your weekend please! What was the most beautiful thing you saw today?

And the heart on photo is my way to share some love 💕 and a beauty of my rainy winter day ✨ Wish you a nice mood and some magic around you ☺️

Hello everyone!
I see lots of you join me today! It means somebody somewhere posted something about my crocheted cuties 😁 And I'm the last to know, obviously 😂😂😂 Anyway I'm happy to see you here! Welcome to my toy wonderland ✨
And today I would like to show you my almost ready monster 👾 for #nosweetsummer2018. I'm still working on body and tail, but will finish very-very soon 😉
Thanks for inspiration to @dilkka. You can visit her account and find illustration which I transform into toy 🙃

Friday is a nice time for #crochettiky_tips! 😉

Today I'm going to show you 2 ways to join yarn. The ability to join yarn reliably is very important for all kinds of crocheting and knitting.
I'm sure there are hundreds of different ways and all of you have your own favorite, but today I show you my methods and maybe you'll like them more 😉
1️⃣. First one is a method of two knots (1st video). Easy. Reliably. Practical. But you need to cut the ends of yarn.
2️⃣. Second method is my favorite (2nd video). Very fast and very efficient way to join your yarn. So easy! No scissor! No long ends!

How do you join your yarn?

Was my tip helpful for you? If yes, please write a comment to support me and motivate for more 😉

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