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Chris  Even small mountains have summits. Co-Mod:@california_igers #caifornia_igers {RU} Canon 5D Mark III & iPhone 6s

Pinnacles just might be the most inappropriately suggestive of the National Parks.

You are but a blink of Mother Earth's eye (her good eye. Not the wonky one that always looks like it's following you no matter where you stand)

This is six days in a row for those of you keeping score at home.

Quick age test: Do you "#insta" or "#instagram"? To all the cool kids, this place is Insta. Not instagram. Yes, they've dropped the gram. Gram is for old timers, the uncool; Their Gram-parents, if you will.
Kids these days. They probably don't even know who @joshjohnson is.

This new feature allowing you to select multiple photos for a single post is kind of great for showing off "before and after" shots. Edited and unedited. Thank God for Lightroom and shooting in RAW! Too bad it only allows posting in the square format, though. 🔲

Three posts in as many days. This here is a streak, folks!

Posting two days in a row? Yeah, I'm going for a record.

Haven't posted anything in a little while's something. Pacific Grove on a grey day, the sea outdoing the sunset in the "best color" category.

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