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CR MEN  The male companion to the irreverent world of @crfashionbook. Founded by Carine Roitfeld. Produced by @crstudio. @carineroitfeldparis available now!

Perhaps no one else in the history of cinema is quite as well-known or beloved for their “top hat and white tie and tails” than Fred Astaire, but the Hollywood icon actually favored more casual wear off-screen. In honor of the late star's recent birthday, CR MEN remembers Astaire’s sartorial legacy in link in bio.

@jackbasora photographed by @olsonstuff and styled by @benperreira for CR MEN Issue 3.

@billyjoel carved out his reputation in the 1970s, becoming a soft-rock everyman and a prolific wearer of blazers and ties with blue jeans. Tap link in bio to see iconic photographs of the “Piano Man” during the decade that turned him into a legend.

@bajaeast co-founder @johnlovespinecones sits down with CR MEN to talk his new, ’70s-inspired streetwear label @fallriskinc. Tap link in bio to read about his grand return to the fashion world.

Revisit the rock legend that was Kurt Cobain in all his grunge glory. Link in bio.

@offsetyrn photographed by @_rubberband and styled by @ericjmcneal for CR MEN Online.

Stanley Kubrick’s hallmark cinematography and ingenuous directorial vision is now on display at the @designmuseum in London. Along with sets, props, and artwork, the exhibition includes costumes from the directorial legend’s iconic films. More about the retrospective and Kubrick’s influence on fashion in link in bio.

Today’s society is somehow both mega atomized and blandly conformist, because the most interesting things that are happening are happening below the surface, out of view. For CR MEN 8, @deankissick explores the recent cultural conundrum spurred by the internet. Link in bio.
Artwork by: @brodie_kaman

@tommy.dorfman photographed by @fabrizziodelrincon and styled by @ronnie_hart for @crfashionbook online.

“If you can put meaning into something, like a ring, you can pass that on to people that you love.” Model-turned-accessories designer @anwarhadid talks to @crmensbook about @martyre, his new art-inspired unisex jewelry line with musician @xxbridge. Link in bio.

Happy birthday, @realmrvalentino. Here, @bradkroenig in @maisonvalentino photographed by @robbiefimmano and styled by @carineroitfeld for CR MEN Issue 4.

“There’s an abundance of things we are afraid to talk about with our community in regards to identity, sexuality, and religion. We are taught to strip away anything sensitive and to just be strong, because it’s hard enough being a black man.” Actor, singer, performer, and recent recipient of two @thetonyawards nominations @jeremypope talks his broadway debut in CR MEN Issue 8. Link in bio. Here, photographed by @davidbrandongeeting and styled by @dzgaines. #CRM8

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