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Cristina Nicole 🏳️‍🌈  Vegan Straightedge ❌🚬💉🍺 Animal Rights Activist 🐥 EcoFeminist 🌎 Singer 🎶 Anti Government Spiritual ✨☀️🌕🔮 Justice ✊🏿 ENFP 💯

🎶 And you showin off... but it’s all right 😏 post a picture of yourself you feel insecure about cause you think someone would body shame you for. “Your waist needs to be smaller.” “Your thighs need to be thicker” “you need to work on your upper body” if that’s a goal you are trying to achieve GREAT... but no one should tell you these things whether you are or not. everyone is beautiful. From plus size to size 0. Love the shell your soul resides in and don’t let anyone tell you your vessel needs work. Do you. Because you’ll get older and look back and wonder why you spent so much time hating yourself when you could have just loved yourself... imagine how different everything would have turned out had you done so. So start now. You’re beautiful trust me... the problem is them. Never you boo boo. Tag me if they dare say anything to you.

Break the cycle✋🏽. Tag someone who is infamous for “I’m sorry” 🌺

🇵🇸 When you’re trying to record the spicy noodle challenge in your kitchen but Israeli warplanes launch airstrikes next to your house AGAIN killing two of your friends *Loay and Amir* who were playing on their rooftop ~~a genocide is happening~~ the Israeli government is colonizing land that isn’t theirs. The money taken out of my paycheck by the American government is financing this when they could be fixing the AC and heat for our public school system for children here. I’m in my feelings for sure #inmyfeelingschallenge @eye.on.palestine 🇵🇸

10 signs you are doing well in life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. You have a roof over your head ⛺️
2. You ate today 🍎
3. You have a good heart
4. You wish good on others 🌠
5. You have clean water 💧
6. Someone cares for you ❤️
7. You strive to do better ✍🏼
8. You have clean clothes👖
9. You have a dream 🥇
10. You are BREATHING 🙏🏻

Being called emotional should not be an insult. Feeling things deeply and expressing them is a super power. Be an empathetic badass. Pics repost from @honeylabronx *** please tag someone who needs to read this***

✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽⚽️⚽️⚽️ ❤️ #worldcup

Yo!!! London peeps you the real MVP. Quarter million ppl took to the streets and protested Trump’s visit to their country and want him out. How does it feel, bitch? 😂 politics is a waste of time for me i don’t believe in government but this is awesome

Hi 😊 friendly reminder... your taxes are used to kill children so some little dick white boys can get some recourses 💰 I mean I hope they get out the cave and all... but why do you only care about what the media tells you to care about? Think for yourself

We already have car payments. We already have to pay for gas. We already pay car insurance... why the FUCK do we have to pay to enjoy going out or running errands. Why must you give people tickets when we’re already struggling to get by? If we don’t pay it in time we have to pay more... if we can’t keep up with the payments then our car is taken or a warrant is issued for our arrest. . . Our freedom in jeopardy because we have to pay to go anywhere and if we can’t afford to go out you are punished. @mrcheckpoint_ pays a nickel to help many in the community and this ass swipe is trying to discourage it. . . Uh. . Nah.

si cruzas una frontera sin un papel no te voy a querer menos, cariño. ❤️ If you cross an imaginary line aka “the border” lacking a piece of a paper I will not love you less ❤️ earthlings belong anywhere on planet earth. Follow @mrcheckpoint_

So I can watch this all day... 😍😫

yo nunca me meto en donde no me llaman. Pero si te comportas como un jilipollas te aseguro que me vas oír. Y igual el puñetazo te lo llevas. Venga valeeeee hasta luego ☺️ *english* the only time I don’t mind my business is when someone doesn’t act like a decent fucking human being. I’ll call you out, fam.

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