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Cristy Ortiz  Makeup Artist/IFBB Athlete Posing Coach 🐘 Cellucor/Scivation Athlete @AllThatGlittersGems:CRISTY20 @Squeezmeskinny: code CRISTYFIT @BuffBikinis βœ¨πŸ’šπŸ¦„πŸ¦‹πŸŒΊπŸŽΆ

#WAISTEDWEDNESDAY and soooo in love with my new @fleoshorts! How NASTY is that skull?! Lol so I started training a few times a week at @crossfit_junkies and have really been enjoying a complete change of pace! I do have to make sure I train select muscle groups as needed to build and shape them for stage, but the new challenge and being able to learn something new every time I go to #crossfit has been a serious breath of fresh air (and royal kick in my ass)! I'll never be upset when I'm left completely drained and outta breath after training. I'm excited to continue learning and diversifying my training going forward! As always, keeping my waist in check using my @squeezmeskinny1 waist trainer! Code: CRISTYFIT saves ya some money. .
#positivevibes #bikinibadass #believeinyou #ifbbathlete #learnsomethingnew #openmind #challengeyourself #fleoshorts #inmyownelement #teamcellucor #teamscivation

#ThrowbackThursday to my favorite conditioning and overall presentation. Wasn't perfect but I was confident in what I brought that day and earned my first top 5 placing as a pro in the IFBB. Here's to smashing the old me and presenting better each time. . To all you amazing women out there, always kick ass to reach your goals! There will always be set backs and timse where we don't perform at our best even though we put in all the work and that's ok. We are human and no ones friken perfect, my goofy ass certainly isn't! Cheers to being a woman and making our dreams a reality ONE STEP AT A TIME! #happynationalwomensday .
Song: Bass Jam by Bonnie X Clyde
Bikini: @buffbikinis .
Jewelry: @all_that_glitters_gems .
Supplementation: @cellucor @scivation @cellucor_rock @cellucor_southeast .
Waisttrainer: @squeezmeskinny1 CODE: CRISTYFIT
Hair: @bellamihair .
Show: Miami Muscle Beach Pro .
#ifbb #miamimusclebeachpro #believeinyou #inmyelement #positivevibes #squeezmeskinny #bikinibadass #flexy #flexappeal #

#HAPPYHUMPDAY lol typical bump post. My gym was closed this morning due to a power outage so I trained at my job. In my own element. Touch ups and cardio. Have an awesome day everyone ☺️πŸ’ͺ

#transformationtuesday isn't regarding my physique. My transformation is not stressing having to look a certain way. It's accepting myself, my flaws, my weaknesses and my strengths. Competing has its own way of turning us all into our own worst enemy. My transformation is not being so damn critical and hard on myself and ENJOYING training again in all aspects and making changes as they come. I'm thankful everyday that I get to do what I love! Remain positive and optimistic in all that you do! Always! #relentless #positivemind #positivevibes #thankful #inmyelement #flexy #flexappeal #bikinibadass #believeinyou #celestialbodiez

#MotivationMonday. One day at a time, gonna continue doing what I love to do. Despite my strength being garbage and everything feeling hard right now, I'm just gonna have fun with it and push myself to get where I wanna be. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. Always remember that! But if you love it you'll continue pushing til you get where you wanna be. Loving these leggings from @abs2bfitnessapparel πŸ™ŒπŸ‘. Fuel: @cellucor #superhdpowder and @scivation #xtend bcaa's! Keeping my waist in check thanks to @squeezmeskinny1! Use code CRISTYFIT to save on your waist trainer purchase! #bikinibadass #positivevibes #positivemindset #inmyownelement #myhappyplace #believeinyou #relentless #flexy #flexappeal #growbootygrow

THROWBACK to this mornings decent back pump. Trained a tad heavier finally lol felt ok. Not where I wanna be but shit a little progress is better than nothing. I know for bikini I don't have to train heavy, however I need to turn this "fluff" into the muscle it once was 😊 so strength-wise I wanna get to where I used to be... nothing planned yet, just my staying healthy and getting back on a routine. Fuel: @cellucor #c4ripped and @scivation #xtend (blue razz & blueberry!!!) lol loving that combo lately πŸ˜‹. That waist is a result of religiously wearing my @squeezmeskinny1 waist trainer even during the 3 month break I wore it to keep my tummy in check. Reaping the rewards of consistency lol. #bikinibadass #positivevibes #positivemind #inmyownelement #believeinyou #athleteculture #relentless

FLASH SALE at @squeezmeskinny1! Use code CRISTYFIT on your purchase to save $$$! Stayin waisted and enjoying the newest style that allows you to sweat even more while wearing it. #waisted #teamtinywaist #squeezmeskinny #positivevibes

This new Neo Latex Sauna waist trainer from @squeezmeskinny1 is ridiculousssss! (In a good way of course lol). Holy crap! It's a lot more firm than the others and allows you to sweat even more! I love it! Take advantage of their extended Valentines Day Sale and use code:CRISTYFIT to purchase yours! This one has to be my favorite one to date πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #waisted #iknowitsnotwednesday #squeezmeskinny #waisttrainer

Trained back this morning! Didn't feel terrible lol but of course strength still sucks! I'm working on it though... slow and steady wins SHIT but prevents injury lol! Right? #relentless #waisted #believeinyou #inmyelement #myhappyplace #pushyourself #progress #notperfection #womenshealth #womensfitness #backday #givemewings #noidontlikeredbull #asicsrunningshoes #squeezmeskinny #ilovetolift #fitchick #bikinibadasss #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift

That moment you were just so happy and trilled with your finished package, official placing didn't matter... I feel like this show was the first show in a while where I felt so at ease and just genuinely happy with my finished product. I didn't place how I'd hoped lol not even close but it didn't matter. I don't think I looked PERFECT, and I've certainly had shows where my conditioning was much better and I was smaller, but I feel like when you are genuinely happy with the package you are presenting, you've succeeded & grown as an athlete... I've had very few shows where I was actually happy and confident with the package I was presenting... I plan to change that from here out. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’– @squeezmeskinny1 has been one of the BIGGEST deal breakers in my progress. My waist for this show was the smallest it has ever been lol and I was 12lbs heavier than when I won my pro card πŸ™ˆ. They help me control my mid section, keeping it compressed and I wear it 6-8hours a day. I'm naturally square and I can now take pictures straight on in the mirror and see that hourglass shape 😊⏳. Use code CRISTYFIT on your purchase for a discount and thank me later. REMEMBER it doesn't do the back end work for you, you still have to eat healthy and WORK OUT for it to render the results you want ladies & gents! My #bikinibadass suit was created by Chelsea @buffbikinis @buffbikinimom. I've been using her suits since Miami Nationals 2014 where I won my pro card and she just GETS me n my style. She has never once disappointed and I'm forever greatful! @all_that_glitters_gems of course for the stage jewelry and shoes! Also extremely genuine and has ALWAYS had my back for each and every show! @jacqui_so_fit you are amazing always! @cellucor_rock Can't forget the company helping fuel my results! @cellucor @cellucor_southeast @scivation!!! Providing my favorite stack of supplements to help aid my training during prep! I'm e trembly thankful for the constant support and you always having my back Rock!
I wish everyone a memorable Valentines Day! And a positive and uplifting year! #positivevibes #behappy #believeinyou #squeezmeskinny #waisted #relentless

Not gonna lie, getting back into training after taking 3 months off has been EXTREMELY CHALLENGING! I really have to learn to accept and love my body through any phase... something I'm working on... my strength BLOWS lol and endurance is terrible!!! Lol all in all, I gotta keep pushing to see the progress I'm hoping to make this year 😊 I'm not rushing this process, just gotta believe I'm capable and put in the work. Today's workout was fueled by @cellucor #SuperHDPowder (strawberry lemonade) mixed with @scivation #Xtend (Strawberry Mango) SOOO BOMB!
Be sure to take advantage of the @squeezmeskinny1 Valentine's Day sale! CODE: CRISTYFIT for a discount off your purchase! 😊πŸ’ͺ #waisted #squeezmeskinny #bikinibadass #athlete #noinjury #orsurgery #justmuchneededmetime

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