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I think the #fosterkittens are approaching peak cuteness.

Lots of knowledge being dropped by @carrieryanwrites at #WordsmithWorkshops today! But missing these #fosterkitten doofuses.

Ahh, so THAT’S why my clothes are always covered with cat hair.

Sierra demonstrates her mad soccer skills while Smoky shows off his A+ eating abilities in the background. Many more #fosterkittens videos in my story!

Sleep tight!

When your little brother tries to steal your food. #fosterkittens

The #fosterkittens are just beginning to play fight with each other and boy are they bad at it!

Out of kitten jail and exploring the wider world of the nursery for the first time. Mama is not super pleased by this development. Nowhere to hide now, Anna! #fosterkittens

From bite-size to big! The Mountain Clan is three weeks old now. They’re walking pretty well, starting to interact with me and each other, and their individual personalities are beginning to emerge. Anna’s struggling a bit with nursing (she’s a teen mom, so I’ll cut her some slack) so I’ve been bottle-feeding three of the four and their weights are starting to reach the normal range. And it turns out Elias is a girl! (Kitten genitals are REALLY small, you guys, it’s an easy mistake to make!). So she’s been rechristened Whitney. This is when they really start to be fun! #fosterkittens

Kitten jail! #fosterkittens

Raspberry lemonade layer cake. I decided to finally bust out my Russian icing tips for this. I definitely haven’t mastered the learning curve yet but I’ll figure it out!

Two weeks old today! Everyone’s eyes are fully opened, they’re beginning to try to walk, and they’re much more aware of me and of each other. #fosterkittens

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