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Cristina Scabbia  🎤 in Lacuna coil. Little bomb of light who loves the darkness. Italian goofy and geeky vampire. 🧛🏻‍♀️

No vabbé ti adoro, che piacere conoscerti @chiara_galiazzo 🖤 ! E che immenso piacere incontrare Dori Ghezzi, Gino Castaldo, Irene Grandi, Ernesto Assante e le ragazze del @ladyvette_trio per questa serata dedicata alle donne nella musica all’interno de @ereditadelledonne ! Grazie a tutti coloro che ci hanno tenuto compagnia al Chiostro Santa Croce a Firenze, tutti voi insieme al posto magico in cui si é svolto l’evento, siete stati una cornice INCREDIBILE!! Vado a letto felice 😻 #lereditadelledonne #chiaragaliazzo #dorighezzi #irenegrandi #ginocastaldo #ginocastaldo #ernestoassante #chiostrosantacroce #firenze #talkshow #empowerment #womenempowerment

Ci vediamo questa sera al CHIOSTRO SANTA CROCE a FIRENZE per una bella chiacchierata insieme allo storico giornalista e critico musicale Gino Castaldo e @chiara_galiazzo e #dorighezzi ! Non vedo l’ora di incontrare Chiara e Dori per la prima volta e rivedere il meraviglioso Gino! Spero di rivedere anche la splendida @irenegrandiofficial che sará da quelle parti! Per chi volesse partecipare all’evento, l’apertura porte é alle 19.00 ed essendo un evento ad entrata libera... é meglio arrivare prima ;)
A piú tardi, non vedo l’ora!!!! #lereditadelledonne @ereditadelledonne #cristinascabbia #lacunacoil #ginocastaldo #chiara #chiaragaliazzo #dorighezzi #irenegrandi #firenze #empowerment #empoweringwomen #talkshow #raidue @instarai2

This face 😂😂😂. Pic by?

‼️‼️We did it again 😻!!!‼️‼️ Teaming up with Photo Master @jeremysaffer we offer you this week’s special bundle of unseen pics (never ever see or published, for real!) . They’ve been shot in PA and we had a great time experimenting with wall colors (-I loooooove red, what can I say??) The quality of these prints in unbelievable, on Kodak metallic paper. If you order the bundle (THIS WEEK ONLY, then they’ll be removed from the site!) you will get the two big prints plus some extra gifts 🖤 go to NOW to shop! Can’t wait to enter your places to keep you company! #cristinascabbia #jeremysaffer #lacunacoil #kodak #photography #bundledeals #neverseenbefore #unseen #premiere #surprise

Parachute lady. Skirt by the amazing @ashleyrosecouture 🖤 Pic by??

When you scroll through your pics on the phone and think a picture like this is the one that perfectly rapresents you, you have a problem. Or maybe not at all.
I love the fact we all can have different personalities and you know by now I surely have at least 10 in me. Dark and dork for sure...But is great to know I am still the same, while I handle them all differently.
If you could describe yourself in three to five words, which ones they would be?

Pac Man drunk my coffee!! Do you like coffee as I do? How do you like it? #pacman #namco #videogames #coffee #coffeaddict #nerd #geek

You guys know I don‘t do colors that much and black is a priority BUT when I do it’s Vans and I llllllove it 😻😻😻 check these out and drool over this old skool Marvel Avenger’s edition shoes!!! All in one, I am thrilled!!! 🖤@vans_europe @vans @marvel #marvel #vans #avengers #lacunacoil #cristinascabbia #fuckyeah

Batman has a new working partner. Pic by @annalisarussophoto 🖤

Waking up to THIS!!! Gaaaah Rob you know how to put a smile on my face, my friend!!🖤 Which one is your fave?? And yeeep, I like to change 😘@lc_acocella #funkopop #funko #friends #look #outfitoftheday

‼️‼️SO EXCITED 😻!!!! Check this out!!!‼️‼️#Repost @lacunacoilofficial
119 Show - Live in London will be released Nov 9th, 2018. Our live video for #BloodTearsDust is online now! Link in bio
. #119 #liveinlondon #o2kentishforum #incandescence

I have never seen so many posts preching about natural looks and “be your true self” stuff.
You know I’ve been posting no make up pics since...forever, so I have nothing to add to this if not... about time, folks!!!
There is something that I am loving in particular, these days.
Being on vacation I have noticed how beautiful is to walk around gipsy style with people around who couldn’t care less about how you look, how much you weight, what are you wearing, with the pure interest of connecting as human beings. Live and let live.
And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the REAL fucking life I want to live in!
Socials should be FUN and a positive way of sharing good vibes not a way to bring yourself into the comparison vortex.
To honor this, here’s an oily, proudly wrinkly self portrait of a very relaxed 46 years old italian lady. #vacationyo

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