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Cristina Pilo  My life as a MakeupArtist 👸🏼 🌴Miami based - traveler ✈️🌎 📍Currently in: Miami 🔜Next stop London ✉️Cristinapilo@gmail.com ⬇️ Latest Vlog⬇️


I’m absolutely loving the new @narsissist collection ❤️ I used it last night for my Makeup and it was effortless and nice. The lipstick was HellGate which is like a rich brick red. The shadow stick is very convenient and easy to use. Just apply it to the lid and use your fingers to blend. Finally the liquid blush that i was expecting to be messy, was actually simple and nice! Some mascara and you are good to go 👋🏻

Trying my new @narsissist collection 💕

I was excited to take a relaxing bath and trying my new scrub and oil by @iamorganicskin that was sent to me by @octolyus to try and review. The smell is amazing but the scrub was almost impossible to use. It was so hard that i could barely grab enough to use on my body. On the other hand, the body oil-energy felt amazing on my skin and the citrus smells is so refreshing.
Bottom line I got my relaxing bath and now I smell like citrus 🍊🔝💤🛀🏼

A few random facts
I don’t eat fish 🐟
I opened my second ear pricing at home with a safety pin
I got my belly pierced at 15
I learned to speak german before english 🇩🇪
I also learned French but cant speak it anymore
I’ve almost always had dogs in my house 🐶 but never had a cat
Pizza is my favorite food ever 🍕
I’ve tried to quit Coca Cola for about 10 years
I wanted to compete in the olympics as a gymnast when i was little
I have the worst memory but I can also remember very random (and useless) facts
Im extremely clumsy
I almost never wear heels 👠
I played theater for 🤦🏼‍♀️years now I’m afraid to speak in public
I met Mike (my husband) through work
I hate getting spooked 😦
Im Venezuela 🇻🇪

Exhale the bullshit 🌺

My first stop after a trip is ALWAYS @olammedspa Today I got the Olam Glow: microneedling with plasma. This treatment helps with fine lines, hyper pigmentation, and acne scars and with the plasma its a like a boost for your skin 💫
Before starting Andrea checked, cleaned and treated my skin and pimples. Hopefully It was an isolated incident and my skin will get back to normal 👱🏻‍♀️
Once my skin clears out and I figure out my new routine, I’ll do that video I promised!

Wake up everyday with only one purpose, to be happy 💫 Its not what happens to you but how you react to it. Smile 😊 always — @mazdausa

Ready to go home 🏡Thanks to the West Coast for the great times🤘🏻 We’ll be back before you know it. We’ll be taking a couple of days off of shooting to recharge and re-plan for new projects to come. 2018 is the year to evolve 💫 and the @ohrangutang project is about to start a new journey

Spray your problems away 🌬 who is down for another class? Private classes in Miami, send me a DM for more info 🌺 thank you @jonnyonthego for capturing this image and @daniknowsbetter for being my model 💕

When Facebook memories reminds you you used to look like this 4 years ago... fasted cardio every morning and Crossfit every day paired with a very healthy (and strict) diet. I need a coach that can come and wake me up every morning 😂 I’ve lost all my will power!!

Take me everywhere @mazdausa 🚗 ❤️

I tried a new face routine last night and my face almost melts 😬 it was super itchy and uncomfortable. I washed my face after a couple of minutes when it was unbearable and applied my regular moisturizer but it started itching again. So i washed my face again and let it be. Slept without any products and I feel better his morning. My skin reacted again when I did my regular routine but a lot less than last night and after a few seconds it went back to normal. Not every product is going to work for you, when you see a recommendation, make sure to try it first before committing to a full size bottle. I’m planning to do a skin care video when i go back home 💕 to show you what I do to care for mine! Happy Friday!

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