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Cristina Mittermeier  Photographer / Speaker / Mexican / Contributor to National Geographic / Co-founder of @sea_legacy / SonyArtisan / NatGeoCreative / Founder of iLCP

A polar bear takes a nap after an arduous and unsuccessful search for seals, his favourite prey. On years like this one, when the sea ice was plentiful, it is uplifting to once again, watch these bears patrol their hunting grounds. ⠀

On expedition with @SeaLegacy, @natgeopristineseas

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A pod of Peale's dolphins accompanies our ship as we cross the infamous Drake Passage on our way back from a National Geographic expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. We are working towards the creation of a Marine Protected Area in the region.⠀

These dolphins also referred to as "black chinned dolphins" travel in pods of usually five and up to twenty although on rare occasions, have been witnessed travelling in groups of up to 100. ⠀


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Crabeater seals appear cuddly and cute on land, but in the water, they are agile and incredibly fast. With populations estimated from 7 - 75 million, (some estimates hover at 15 million) they are the most abundant seal species in the world. They are dependant on krill for survival and ironically, don't eat crab. ⠀

Shot on #assignment for @natgeo and @natgeopristineseas with @paulnicklen @andy_mann @ladzinski and @craigwelch


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A flock of seagulls under a storm. Northern Russia is a fantastic landscape; a little bit foreboding and yet, so majestic. So excited to be on our way to the North Pole to continue documenting the effects of climate change! With @paulnicklen and @sea_legacy.
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There are many different kinds of sea ice and survival depends on being able to tell them apart. The beautiful patterns on this landscape are created by "fast annual ice", an ephemeral and highly unstable ice formation that will melt away by the end of the summer. For @sea_legacy with @paulnicklen and @samkretch
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Like ghosts appearing from the deep, one second I was alone, and the next I was surrounded by hundreds of Adelie penguins returning to land after spending the day feeding at sea. Clumsy and funny on land, they are like a symphony in motion underwater. There were several seals in the area waiting to ambush them and I had to smile when I realized they were using me as a “shield” to get to land safely.

An unbelievable experience on an island that is now protected in perpetuity thanks to the efforts of the @TheWCS. Steeple Jason is part of the Falklands archipelago (once known as islas Malvinas). On assignment for @NatGeo with @PaulNicklen.

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Spending time with animals in the wild is a privilege reserved for a very few. What is my responsibility as somebody who gets this chance? I don’t want to just make pretty pictures; I want to tell stories and I want to give a voice to animals, like this polar bear, who cannot speak for themselves. The work is hard, dangerous, and often lonely. I am really lucky to have an amazing team supporting me. Thanks to @PaulNicklen, @derek_rushton, @Maptia, @erichroepke, @burgankait, @samkretch, @Mikeberard, @lnixpix and @steinretzlaff. Thanks to their hard work, @SeaLegacy is an effective Impact organization.

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The Arctic is changing rapidly and what to many of us is still a theoretical problem, happening far away, for others, like the Inuit people who live in the most remote corners of the Arctic, is already a reality. While traveling on the sea ice, one of our dog teams fell through the ice. As the heavy sled pulled the dogs underwater, the entire team had to help rescue the dogs and the vessel, which was loaded with our heavy gear. Thankfully we were able to pull the dogs out and lost only a young pup, who was pulled under for too long. We just couldn't save it but the rest were okay.
Want to do something about climate change? Make changes in your lifestyle, speak up and use your influence to make others care.

With @PaulNicklen and @EnricSala with @NatGeo and @NatGeoPristineSeas

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Those eyes….they seem almost human. A male Grizzly bear assesses my presence as we share a small length of the Fishing Branch River. He fishes, I photograph. If we take the time to be with animals as equals, they tend to surprise us…with their sensitivity, their intelligence, and their vulnerability.
On assignent for @NatGeo with @PaulNicklen.

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It is impossible to tire from the company of humpbacks. Whether underwater or under moonlight, their presence always makes me skip a breath. @PaulNicklen and I have spent many hours hoping to catch a glimpse of these amazing giants and sometimes, when the light is just right, we have been gifted with amazing moments.

On assignment for @NatGeo and @SeaLegacy.

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How do you relax? I like gardening and I have a mild addiction to my backyard hot tub. Polar bears, on the other hand need to cool down and they do so by rolling around on the snow. What most impresses me about polar bears, is the size of their paws. Larger than dinner plates, they are designed to travel over snow and ice. Polar bears are so well insulated they must release excess heat through areas where fur is absent or blood vessels are close to the skin, like muzzle, nose, ears, and those black footpads. So happy to be heading back to the #Arctic with @paulnicklen
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After taking turns to sit on the nest for 70 days, the black-browed albatross chick finally hatches. Instead of the bright, white plumage spotted by the adults, the baby is covered with a soft, fluffy gray coat of downy feathers. Its black beak will eventually turn bright orange, and as both parents work around the clock to keep it fed, the baby will grow quickly and after only 120 days, it will take flight for the first time. I truly enjoyed sitting quietly among the nests, watching the comings and goings of the colony during an assignment for @NatGeo with @PaulNicklen. Thankfully, this island has been protected by @TheWCS so this baby has very little to worry about.
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