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Cristina Mittermeier  Photographer / Speaker / Mexican / Contributor to National Geographic / Co-founder of @sea_legacy / SonyArtisan / NatGeoCreative / Founder of iLCP


One of the best parts of hanging out with talented photographers is that every once in a while you get an awesome portrait. Thanks @ben_moon; fellow photographer, filmmaker, #sonyartisan and amazing human being.
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Tonight Vancouver Island looked like a beautiful watercolor painting. #Home

Fishermen in Galicia set off in the early hours of the morning to find their catch in the rich waters adjacent to the Os Miñarzos Marine Protected Area in Lira. I was impressed by the importance placed on using traditional fishing arts, paired with high tech tracking strategies and the recognition of artisanal fishermen as stewards of the coast. Using the brand name "Pesca De Rias", the province gives value to products fished and processed here, and in doing so, adds value to the work of the people who fish here for a living.

#TurningtheTide with @SeaLegacy. @galicianaturaleunica | #PescadeRias | #galiciaparaiso | #galifornia | #beauty #galicia | #berberecho | #galicia_enamora | #españa #pesca @festivalmardemares #lonxanet

Without nets, there is no fishing, and the painstaking job of repairing damaged nets, falls to a valiant group of women known as “redeiras”. Invisible almost within the world of fishing, they are anything but quiet. Through hard work, lobbying and solidarity, they have slowly gained more visibility and recognition in Galicia. I had a chance to visit with them and enjoyed the warm camaraderie among the 8-10 women who work in this shop. Carmina, Sara, Conchi and Lucy hosted me on this day with kindness and patience as I stumbled with their nets. Moving at lighting speed with needle and thread they quietly make sure fisherfolk have tools to work with.

Sin redes no hay pesca. Y el trabajo de reparar las redes dañadas es de un valiente grupo de mujeres que se conoce como las "redeiras". Casi invisibles en el mundo de la pesca, han poco a poco ido ganando más visibilidad y reconocimiento en Galicia.
#TurningtheTide with @SeaLegacy. @galicianaturaleunica | #PescadeRias | #galiciaparaiso | #galifornia | #beauty #galicia | #berberecho | #galicia_enamora | #españa #pesca @festivalmardemares #mujeresenelmar #girlpower

La Costa da Morte, the Death Coast in northern Galicia, is best known for its rugged coast, battered by giant waves. On this day I had hoped to capture the drama of nature and instead was met with a calm sea and the gentle lullaby of a low tide. Beautiful nonetheless.
Famosa por sus marejadas, la Costa de la Muerte me dio la bienvenida con un mar calmo en la bajamar.
#TurningtheTide with @SeaLegacy. @galicianaturaleunica | #PescadeRias | #galiciaparaiso | #galifornia | #beauty #galicia | #berberecho | #galicia_enamora | #españa #pesca @festivalmardemares #costadamorte @sonyalpha

At the crack of dawn in late September, the long-drawn ban on Galicia’s famed cockles is lifted and fifteen hundred men and women on foot and on boats rush to the cockle beds of Noia to get their share. Women like Cristina seen here sorting her catch, go by foot and they drag their clam rakes across the sandy bottom. Asleep and growing in the shallow waters of the estuary, the cockles have been protected by a ban that shelters them for several months in which no harvest is allowed and the small bivalves are allowed to reproduce and grow. Once the ban is lifted, the men and women of this small medieval-old village will converge every morning in the shallow waters for 3 hours a day, every day for 3-4 months to make a living from this delicious bivalve. This is an age old practice that has ensured the sustainable harvest of this small clam, but few places execute it more perfectly than Noia, where the community works together; the participation of women is valued and recognized as a profession; and the cockles are healthy, big, delicious and very, very valuable.

Me encantó conocer a las mariscadoras de Noia. Nunca vi tantas mujeres, tan fuertes y tan bien organizadas. Me voy inspirada por su trabajo y por la belleza de su Ría. Gracias!! #TurningtheTide with @SeaLegacy. @galicianaturaleunica | #PescadeRias | #galiciaparaiso | #galifornia | #beauty #galicia | #berberecho | #galicia_enamora | #españa #pesca @festivalmardemares #mujeresenelmar #lonxanet #girlpower

Ever since I went to university to study marine biology, I have been fascinated by the potential of aquaculture as a solution to feed humanity. I was delighted to find a great aquaculture product in Galicia that is producing thousands of pounds of food without killing our oceans. Mussel farms, which are not only delicious and nutritious, but which can also filter 20 liters of water per hour and require no feed and no antibiotics, have been in operation here for over 50 years. I truly enjoyed exploring this idea, imagining similar farms in other parts of the world. Thanks to Jose Luis and @gabycangas for showing me around.
#TurningtheTide with @sea_legacy @gabycangas and @erichroepke @galicianaturaleunica #pescadeRias #galiciaparaiso #galifornia #travel #landscape #beauty #galicia #galicia_enamora #nature #explore #españa #mejillon #galiciamola #muros #vigo #bateas

A lone fisherman stands on a rock as the waves crash around him. Fishing is a way of life in Galicia and the light, the weather and the ruggedness of the landscape, often make for visual poetry.
Un pescador rodeado de olas en la costa rocosa de Galicia.
#TurningtheTide with @sea_legacy and @erichroepke @galicianaturaleunica #pescadeRias #galiciaparaiso #galifornia #travel #landscape #beauty #galicia #galicia_enamora #nature #view #explore #españa #pesca #carnota #galiciamola #finisterre #fisterra

Photo by @justinhofman #TurningtheTide with @sea_legacy // I may be a little biased because I care so deeply about the oceans and because Justin is my friend and a member of the SeaLegacy Collective, but I think his image of a seahorse traveling with the current while riding on a plastic cotton swab should be the winner of the @nhm_wpy 2017 competition. I love all the other finalists but this image is special, not just because it offers the best narrative for the state of our oceans, it also offers a new and surprising glimpse into nature, not in the romantic way photographers want us to believe it is, but into how it actually is. Congratulations on an important capture; you make us proud! If you want to see more of Justin's impactful work #follow him at @justinhofman
Shot with @sonyalpha #A7R2

I am blown away by the beauty of Galicia's coast. There are hundreds of small villages where people go out to sea every day to make a living and have been doing so for generations. The ruggedness of the beaches, the warmth of the people, the beauty of its traditions will forever stay with me.
#TurningtheTide with @erichroepke and @festivalmardemares
Me he quedado prendada de la belleza de la costa de Galicia. De los cientos de pueblos costeros donde la gente sale al mar todos los días a ganarse la vida. De las playas, las tradiciones y calidez de las personas. Me encanta Galicia!
@galicianaturaleunica #pescadeRias #galiciaparaiso #galifornia #travel #landscape #beauty #galicia #galicia_enamora #nature #view #explore #españa #pesca #carnota #galiciamola

Galicia lives by the sea and every little village, with its customs and traditions going back thousands of years, paints the shore with colorful reflections: from the houses, from the boats, from the lives of the people who call this rugged shoreline, home.
#TurningtheTide with @sea_legacy and @erichroepke
Galicia vive junto al mar. Cada pueblo, con sus costumbres milenarias, pinta la costa de colores. @galicianaturaleunica #pescadeRias #galiciaparaiso #galifornia #travel #landscape #beauty #galicia #galicia_enamora #nature #view #explore #españa #pesca #montepindo

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