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My beautiful momma with one of my fav photos! I miss her already but I hear her voice loud and clear! She would always say "Live and love Large" Life will stop you in your tracks at times feel it acknowledge it and move on! You matter and what you put out into the world matters you must move forward! I've lived that philosophy all my life. So I move forward today with her voice in my head. Onward! Laser focused on future and I'm embracing all of it because "I live and love large"!!! Thank you my Facebook family for always being there!!

Somebody sent this to me today to cheer me up, I haven't stopped laughing all day. I must have watched it a thousand times. Laughter is good for the soul. #healing #enjoy

My sweet friend and Original Co-host of Home and Family Michael Burger sends me texts everyday to cheer me up while in treatment! NO ONE could make me laugh like him! If you say his name to me I will automatically smile and start laughing! Here is a Blast from the past! ❤️

Stem cell went smoothly! I was totally freaked a bit this morning when I went in! It took 4 hours, worked on edits for "Food For Thought", Read every single news paper, felt no pain, so far so good! I felt so good Tony and I went to #celestino ristorante in Pasadena for lunch and I felt like I was in Italy!! Food was amazing and Tony and I held hands and just talked a really long time:) Checking into #cityofhope May 2nd for 3 weeks! That is report for today!sending Hugs!!!!!🙋❤️🏋💯

Our Big Fat Greek Easter!!! What a glorious day!!! #hehasrisen

Welcome to the family and he can cook!!!!!!!! 🐰🐰💑❤️

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Whole wheat pita pockets!!! Keeping it real and healthy!! #healthyfood #healthyeating #food #sandwich #pitapocket #veggies

Good Morning!!! Cheese toast on the menu on multi-grain toast with Heirloom tomatoes and extra sharp cheddar! Starting tomorrow I'm officially starting journey into stem cell replacement! I will keep you all posted! •

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Grilled pork chop with caramelized apples, puréed white beans, sautéed spinach! 🍴🍽❤

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When life comes full circle. A special woman I have known for more than 40 years! I always looked up to her and respect her as a woman who uses her platform for good! Mary Hart!!!!How proud I am to see my daughter Arianna @moderndaygf stand beside her! Both were attending @mariashriver kick off event for "Move For Minds " kick off happening June 4th @equinox. @kimberlywilliamspaisley shared her moving story of her mother's journey through #alzheimers. what an empowering afternoon! Thank you to these incredible woman for being a shining example on living an authentic life! As Maria always says "MovingThe Needle forward!" If you're in LA sign up, lets go lets be in the forefront of change! #health #mind #food #life #family #friend #comparingnotes

Chilled Avocado soup with spicy grilled Shrimp & mango salsa! Completed 20 soups for "Food For Thought" Served this tonight for dinner 👍for fam! #healthy #avocado #shrimp #soup

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