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Oops in my enthusiasm to reach out to all of you I completely forgot I had to be at my doctors office at a 11 am today. Thousand forgiveness, I will reschedule for next week! In the mean time if you have any questions please leave them here and I will answer as many as I can!

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To all my sisters and brothers in solidarity . I wanted to share the last part of my journey which represents a new beginning. I'm going home tomorrow and I will be in touch tomorrow Friday May the 19th via Facebook live around 11am PST. If you have any questions to ask I would love to hear from you. Thank you all again for the continued love and support. You guys are my rock ⛰🗿🏔🗻❤️❤️🏋🏋#health #family #love #thankful #cancerawareness #healing #instamood #instagood #inspire #inspiration #fight #c #life #lifestyle #healthylife

Happy Mother's Day!
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My guardian angels my prayer warriors!! #squirerushnell & @louiseDuArt# sent me this book to read while in hospital. I'm always totally blown away by the stories they share! I hope if you have the time you will read it!! Stories are empowering, hopefull, I'm filled with joy and promise!
To my Facebook twitter and instgram family I couldn't have gotten this far without you!!! Please know how much much I appreciate the gift of prayer! I am well. God is good and I'm going home next thurs please God!!!

Look at what I found in my bed this morning! I
Thank you Rhonda S. Latkovic A survivor who gives back. "The Knitting Project "The Ladies Philoptochos Society" I love the hat and warm blanket she made so much. So sweet so moving! @dukevonweiner #inspiration  #givinback check it out. #cancerawareness #family #love #thankful #health #healthyeating

Michael Burger sent me another video, I'm laughing out loud, the full version is up on my Facebook at Cristina Ferrare! Thank you my dear friend this is so sweet! #love #family #familyfirst

An update, just checking in 👣👣

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Stem cell complete! New rebirth and the incredible staff here at City of Hope bringing joy and loving care! It was a great day! Now I have two 🎉 🎈 birthdays!!!! •

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This was the first card I pulled from the "message" jar! I wanted to share it. I hope this speaks to you too! ❤️

I'm in!!! •

Uploaded the longer version to my Facebook page. ❤️❤️❤️

My favorite flower Lily OF The Valley. It was my fathers favorite too! It was sent to me by my son in law who is unaware that it is a favorite. It comes on the day when I go to the hospital for stem cell replacement.I took it as a sign that it was from my father. I'm on the way to City of Hope with his voice in my head, saying, " What's the matter with you of course YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!" Your right poppa I can!

My beautiful momma with one of my fav photos! I miss her already but I hear her voice loud and clear! She would always say "Live and love Large" Life will stop you in your tracks at times feel it acknowledge it and move on! You matter and what you put out into the world matters you must move forward! I've lived that philosophy all my life. So I move forward today with her voice in my head. Onward! Laser focused on future and I'm embracing all of it because "I live and love large"!!! Thank you my Facebook family for always being there!!

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