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Cristina Capron  23 | MI ✋🏼 @tatianacotter 💁🏼‍♀️💋 Paragon Fitwear // CCFIT App Owner 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ Snap & Twitter: @cristinacapron

Happy Sunday bb’s! It’s been so long since I threw some duck walks into a workout and the quad burn is so real 😭🔥 This full workout with sets, reps, exercise descriptions, and video demos is FREE on the CCFIT app! Day 27 legs under the Fit for Life guide. Free to download as well so go download it and get ready for leg day tomorrow 😛
Sports bra is forever 21
Leggings are lululemon
Shoes are converse
Song: Happy Now- Zedd & Elley Duhé

Knocked out my workout this morning and now off on a mini road trip with my babe down to Columbus! Yummy restaurant recommendations are always welcome! I’m craving Thai and and an açaí bowl currently lmao. I love getting all my workouts done during the week so I can relax over the weekend. Especially in the summer when life is just busier 🙃 to clear up confusion about these leggings from my hiit video, I actually did order a size 6 instead of 4 and they are not see through for me personally. I couldn’t remember what I ordered so I finally checked my email confirmation lol

Happpppy leg day!!! Single leg deadlifts (first clip) are easily one of my top 5 favorite exercises for hamstrings and glutes. You can kick your leg back instead of just staggering it to focus on balance as well but I prefer this way so I can go heavier. This full workout is Day 25 Legs under the “Fit For Life” guide on the CCFIT app!
Shirt: free people movement
Leggings: lululemon
Socks: stance
Shoes: converse
Song: Nevermind- Dennis Lloyd

You guys voted!!! Fat blasting HIIT workout coming in hot 🔥 I made this workout FREE on the CCFIT app so you guys can try it out with the video demo, exercise description, and timer instead of counting yourself! It’s day 22 cardio under the Fit For Life guide. App is free to download as well so no trix go try it out! The links to download for iPhone and android are on my website via the link in my bio!
Sports bra: saski collection
Leggings: lululemon
Shoes: adidas NMD’s
Song: Slow- Matoma


Happpy Sunday beautiful people! Here are some bomb leg exercises just in time for leg day tomorrow 😛 The first is such a good way to build up to an unassisted pistol squat and the second is my all time favorite way to hip thrust. I get such a good connection every time 🍑 This full workout is Day 23 Legs under “Fit For Life” in the CCFIT app! The link to download is in my bio!
Sports bra: forever 21
Leggings: lululemon
Shoes: converse
Song: Eastside- Benny Blanco

Best jeans ever hands down. So comfy and flattering and don’t even have to get them tailored to fit my waist 🙌🏼 @goodamerican

In case you haven’t heard this song 10,000 times already today here you go lmao. This full back workout is Day 14 under the Fit For Life guide on the CCFIT app! You can download it for free in the App Store or google play to check it out! Happy Friday bb’s!!! Sports bra: forever 21
Leggings: puma
Shoes: adidas NMD’s

Thought it was time to give you all an update on how I’m liking my @naturalbeadedrowsextensions ! I’ve had them for 5 months now and never want to take them out! I forget I have them most of the time. My curls last for days, I only wash my hair once a week, I can swim, sweat, throw it in a bun, braid it, straighten it and almost no one even knows I have extensions in. My natural hair is decently long but no where near this thick. They’re on the expensive side but so worth it in my opinion. Swipe up on my story and fill out the application for a quote! HUGE shout out to @thestandardhairlashbrow for slaying my hair, lashes, and brows every time 😍

Lotsss of glute exercises in today’s workout with a little more focus on the medius and minimus to help build a nice round peach 😛🍑 This full workout is Day 17 Legs under the Fit For Life guide on the CCFIT app! Click the link in my bio to download it for free and try it out!
Outfit Details are tagged in my last post!
Song: I’m A Mess- Bebe Rexha

Slowly but surely turning Jon into the Instagram boyfriend he’s always aspired to be 💕

I’m actually embarrassed at how sore my upper body is from surfing on Sunday 😂😂😂 I guess falling 20 times was a lot harder on the body than I thought it’d be. If you weren’t lucky enough to surf this weekend this full upper body workout is Day 20 Arms on the CCFIT app under my ‘Fit For Life’ guide! Currently training 4 days a week and throwing in a little cardio on upper body days to lean out a smidge. I’m adding my workouts to the fit for life guide as I do them and you can follow along for only $7 a month 😛 click the link in my bio for more info or download the CCFIT app in the App Store or Google Play for FREE! 💕
Sports bra: forever 21
Leggings: lululemon
Shoes: converse
Song: Lucid Dreams- Juice WRLD

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