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¡Hala Madrid Y Nada Más!  - Fanpage of the world’s best ⚽️ - James & Gio liked + Cris' brother, Miguel & Ricky are following + CRIS saw my story 😍❤️ #cristianoronaldo

Cristiano has not failed to scorw since turning 33 y/o: 12 games = 22 goals
What da hell 🤤🤤 Bayern, be aware!
@cristiano #realmadrid #halamadrid #legend #goat

Airnaldo ✈️✈️✈️ @cristiano #cristianoronaldo #realmadrid #halamadrid

Cris: „Gio is always good, my love is always so fucking good“
Gio: „Be happy because life is beautiful“ ❤️💃🏽
They are so cute👫 i want more livestreams @cristiano @georginagio #family

Cris did a short but lovely livestream with his girlfriend and kids a couple of minutes ago ❤️Georgina‘s SUUII at the end ayy 😍😍😂 @cristiano @georgina #family

The difference between a leader and a quitter.
And this is once another reason why I prefer Ronaldo over Messi and why I think CR7 is a more complete player. While Ronaldo tries to cheer his teammates and the fans in the stadium up, Messi doesn’t do anything. Which doesn’t mean Messi is not a great player, he is in fact a fantastic player and will forever stay in the history of football. But for me Ronaldo stays the best ever and simply marked himself in this sport. With talent, a lot of hard & extra work and a strong mentality he made it from the bottom to the top. Impressive 🔝
(video by @rmadrid_white )

FT: Malaga 1:2 Real Madrid
Goals scored by Isco and Casemiro ⚽️⚽️💙 We‘re back on the third place on the table tho 😅 #realmadrid #halamadrid #isco #casemiro


If burning haters was an art, Cristiano would be the picasso of it 🔥

Buffon: „Real Madrid deserved to go through over the two legs. I wish them tee best and it has always been an honor for m to face this club“
How can we not love this man?❤️ @cristiano @gianluigibuffon #realmadrid #halamadrid #juventus #championsleague #legends #respect

He scored the winner goal in the 93‘ minute, the goal that made us win vs Juventus, the goal that made us reach the semis. He has the fullest right to celebrate the goal in the way he wants. And I love when he does that because I know how much it burns and provocates haters 😂🔥 @cristiano #realmadrid #cristianoronaldo #halamadrid #legend #goat

People who say that this is not a clear penalty are proofing us once again what a nonexistent knowledge of football they have.
Coming from the back, as Benatia did, and running the opponent (Vazquez) down and disabling him from scoring a goal is a clear violation of the rules. No matter what people do to us, according to haters it‘s always an unfair given penalty. Keep crying cuz we don‘t care.
We are in the semis and you are not 🎉

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