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#AlwaysWithCristiano 👑  - "Talent is nothing without hard work"❤🏋🏽 - daily news about the best⚽️ - James & Gio liked + Cris' brother & Miguel & Ricky follows😍❤️


Obviously deserved. Hard work pays off! ❤️❤️❤️ @cristiano

And the winner is... Cristiano Ronaldo ❤️👑 -A @cristiano #fifa #thebest #proud

FT: Real Madrid 3-0 Eibar
Nothing special to say, well played by them all! I really wanted to see Cristiano scoring but never mind 💗 Well done boys, +3 points ❣️#halamadrid

And hello from the other side. As you all know, I‘m the new admin of this page. Many of you also know that I have a second fanpage and it‘s not easy to be much active but I’m gonna try to be as active as I can on both accounts. Some of you already dm me and welcomed me. Thank you for that :) I‘m not going to delete any of the posts because there are a lot of memories 💗
I hope we will have a great time together ❤️

It‘s been two & a half years when i shared my first post. It‘s been unbelievable moments, i met amazing people. I learnt so much during this time. I loved sharing my love for Real Madrid/Cristiano with you. I loved answering your dms, reading your comments, having fun with you, posting after matches, but also trying to cheer you up after our boys failed. I appreciate EVERY SINGLE one of you, every comment, like ect. Everyone who gave me love & always told me how much they love my page. I’ve spent so much time & effort on this page & to see that people loved it is absolutly the best reward i could get. I’ve never been here because i felt like i have to continue posting because of my amount of followers, but i was here because i wanted to be here, i loved it. Real Madrid/Cristiano was the one who united us. All the moments of joy & sadness, pride but also embarrassment. But you know what I wanted to reach when I opened this page? I wanted to show haters who Cristiano really is. To prove that he’s not that arrogant beauty who brags with all the material things. But he‘s a man with a big heart. Who loves his family & fans with all his passion. Who has suffered A LOT to become what he is today! And i got to know that i changed people‘s mind about Cristiano. But now i feel like it‘s the right time for me to leave. I have to focus on my life. I want to study later on, be successful & achieve something in life. Everything has an end someday.
BUT my friend @stunning.cristiano will run this page. Please dont unfollow, give her a chance because she’s the sweetest and funniest girl. She’ll do an amazing job here i’m sure you’ll love it!
In this opportunity i want to thank all who supported me, who helped me. Thank you to Ricky and Miguel for following me, thank you Hugo for following me and liking my posts, thank you Georgina and James for liking one of my posts, and the biggest thanks to 567.000 people and especially @stunning.cristiano @youschah @cr7.idol @cr7_loving . Love you all and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! ❤️❤️❤️
(If you want to know my privat acc, just dm me & i‘ll tell you. But i won‘t accept anyone bc it‘s for friends and family only. But dming is free haha❤️)

Goal by Cristiano🙆🏽 #halamadrid ❤️

I run out of ideas what to post. and plus i‘ve got no motivation tbh. But because you‘re inactiv, but because i realized i‘d spend less time on my phone if i didn‘t have this page 🤐

Goals by @karimbenzema @cristiano ⚽️⚽️ Cristiano’s goal tho😍😍👏🏽 Hala Madriddd!

Throw back 🤔👌🏽 @cristiano @garethbale11


You don‘t know,
what you got,
til it goes, til it‘s gone... ❤️

Beautiful brother-and-sister relationship ❤️❤️ @katiaaveirooficial @cristiano #family

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