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More fun, Amsterdam style.

I am so excited for the TIME when you will see that... The relationship you WILL have is even better than you could have imagined.
That he is more loving,

He is kinder,
His eyes more present,
His love more true.
Boy! My heart is getting all warm and tender inside just thinking about it.
But most of all... I'm most excited for you to see that you were this lovable ALL ALONG.
Love looks so good on you,

Mmmmmmmm......imagine kissing a man... and its better than spiritual chocolate?

Dang, those are good kisses!

And they can be yours.... But you gotta put yourself out there.

You gotta do the work.

You gotta take the risk.


Ahhhhh. Amsterdam.

My new Starbucks name.

How look for love EVERYWHERE?
And not just in the idea of finding and getting LOVE from a partner.
Who wants to wait for that?! When you begin to find love... in all things..... in all people.... in little nooks and crannies where you haven't found it before.... Your little heart begins to bloom.
It blooms open with LOVE.
And it is THIS love that you want to share with your future partner.
Open hearts attract more love.
So when you find this love in all these other places...where you have not found it before... it's always because you have grown.
Stilling blooming...and always will be,

Most women will find it very hard to believe... but there is nothing, ever, worth being unhappy about.

Because no matter what happens in your love life, it will add to you.

It will add to your beauty,

your wisdom, and

the expansiveness of your heart...
So no matter what dates you went on that didn't turn out the way you wanted them to,

no matter which men disappeared,

no matter that he sent you a text that he did not see a future with you... You NEED to realize that you are WHOLE and COMPLETE

And none of these are worth getting unhappy about.

These "setbacks" are NOT actually "setbacks," They are proof that you are a STRONG woman

who is putting herself out there courageously... Being brave! You brave woman you!

You are bravely facing the future that holds love for you.

Live life to discover!

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