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🌵Jus Call Me Sav🌵  ⓈⒶⓋⒶⓃⓃⒶⒽ.17 🔜Next con:


So this will be a sabo post because I had such an amazing time and saboten is probably my favorite con, but here's a bunch of fun pictures with some fronds and other amazing cosplayer and of course me and Zoë and yours truley ness and Lucas 📷: @mrtoastytoast
#sabotencon2017 #lucas #ness #earthbound #mother #mother3 #supersmashbros

Hello hello I'm back and fresh from a con, sabo was once again so much fun, Lucas was a fun comfy cosplay that I'd gladly do again. 📷: @mrtoastytoast
#sabotencon2017 #earthbound #mother #mother3 #lucas #ness #supeesmashbros #cosplay

Some day I will cosplay my inquisitor(s) 😫 I have too many cosplans #dai #dragonage #inquisitorlavellan

Also my first time trying the mark, I really wanted it to be more detailed but it ended up to wide but oh well 🤷🏼‍♂️ again yes my ears are edited thanks Legolas for urears #dragonage #dai #inqusitorlavellan

So it was about time I tried to do some elvhen Vallaslin and of course I chose one of the hardest because it was the one for my first inquisitor, and he didn't have it purple but I felt like being fun lolol also yes my ears are edited because I have no elf ears I need to invest in some but yeah #dragonage #inqusitorlavellan #dai

Spacea pt.2 (also u gotta imagine that in a new york accent)

Ok so this is kinda just because I was show off but I finished my first armor project! And although it's not what I hoped for the turn out I'm still very proud of it and actually I'm okay with it there's always next time to fix! These are for #leliana so Ima tag stuff #dragonage #dragonagecosplay #leliananightingale


Hes done!!! It's been a dream of mine to do the hallow outfit as simple as it is! He'll be at sabo #allenwalker #hallow #dgrayman #allenwalkercosplay #dgm

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