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Clarissa Doak 

Date night with the husband and the little princess.

Some shots from the All Wheels Extreme show this past weekend at Cedar Point.

100 days of handstands days 11 & 12 the weather was beautiful here this weekend and sometimes it feels like my form is on (like in the first clip) but with all of the commotion going on regularly it's hard to focus and usually feels like it sucks. 🙁

#100daysofhandstands #handstands #upsidedown #circuslife #circuseverydamnday

100 days of handstands day 10. I won't lie I was afraid of doing this challenge because I'm so self conscious about not being good at things. After doing handstands for the past 10 days I'm starting to get a little more confidence. My form still leaves a lot to be desired and I still can only hold it for a couple seconds before toppling over if I don't have something to bump my foot against. But, practice and persistence makes things better so I'm proud to be 1/10th of the way through and have a positive outlook for more. ☺️ #100daysofhandstands #handstands #upsidedown #circuslife #circuseverydamnday

Lyra giveaway! I hope I win!🤞 Repost from @CircusInspiration
They are giving away a new 36" tabless- gorgeous silver glitter with blacklight reaction​ lyra from @FluidMedalDesign. *Open international winner must pay shipping+handling.* To enter 1️⃣follow all seven hosts below 2️⃣repost this picture with the hashtag #circusinspirationgiveaway bonus points if you tag #circusinspiration too 3️⃣... That's it super easy 😊


Photo by @shelbyhigley & @imagesbyod

100 days of handstands day 9. The weather was beautiful today so we spent most of the day outside working on circus stuff. #100daysofhandstands #handstands #cirquelife #circuslife #upsidedown #circuseverydamnday

100 days of handstands we are back. Libby is loving trying too!
#100daysofhandstands #handstands #cirquelife #circusfamily

Handstands will be/have been done these few days but my phone is in a different state and I am mostly unplugged because we are civil war reenacting but here are some pics of hand balancing in a corset. See ya'll again Monday night/Tuesday
#100daysofhandstands #acrofun #handbalancing #circuslife #cirqueduinsta #handstands #handstand

Day 2 of 100. Technical difficulty prevented me from sharing these last night. Libby wanted to do handstands too.
#100daysofhandstands #handstands #circusfamily #cirquelife #upsidedown #circuseverydamnday

I've been inspired to do 100 days of handstands​ from watching my awesome friends doing it, especially @jlynn006, so here's the start of mine. Day 1 of 100
#groupacro #100daysofhandstands #circusfamily #cirquelife

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